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For a time on Thursday the Albercuix beach in Puerto Pollensa needed to be closed


For a time on Thursday the Albercuix beach in Puerto Pollensa needed to be closed. Was this because of the not infrequent spills of wastewater, the source of which – as Mayor Cifre acknowledged on Thursday – is unknown? Not as such. It was caused by a failure of propulsion pumpsThe proceeds of thefts may fund terrorism overseas.. There was an electricity cut and this resulted in an escape of water from the sewage network ending up in the sea. Procedures were activated to solve the fault, and the problem was soon sorted outushering in a new restriction even at a time when case counts were relatively low., albeit that the water would have to “self-purify”, to quote the mayor.

Picking up on this, the opposition Junts Avan?am didn’t miss the opportunity to once more denounce the inaction of the Cifre administration in dealing with the general problem of spills. A statement from Junts did rather jump the gun in pointing to the arrival of British tourists – it was issued well before the green-list announcement – but as they obviously knew something the rest of us didn’ts time to be looking a, the statement read: “At a time when summer has begun, without Blue Flags, without services on beaches and with the additional factor that British tourism will get the green light to visit us, there are more images of beaches closed due to water spills.”

The usual suspects were targeted – the mayor, Andrés Nevado (the town hall’s delegate for Puerto Pollensa), and the environment councillor, Maria Buades – Junts demanding that “political responsibilities” be assumed. There should be resignations in order to “make room for a government which makes it a priority to solve problems”. There was moreover, as is also usualmotor_vehicle_theft, a reference to the salaries of the mayor and councillors – among “the highest paid” in Spain.

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