Since October 31, Beijing has implemented fine dec

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on the 30th of last month, the new deal for the fine decoration of affordable housing (including self owned housing) was officially announced. From October 31, Beijing has fully implemented the delivery of fully decorated finished houses for public rental housing, affordable housing, limited price commodity housing, shanty town reconstruction and resettlement housing and self occupied commodity housing

the implementation time does not include the sold projects

since May 1, 2015, the projects newly built and purchased by the municipal affordable housing construction investment center have taken the lead in comprehensively implementing the delivery of fully decorated finished houses. Since October 31, 2015, all projects newly included in the annual construction plan of affordable housing in Beijing (including self occupied commercial housing) have fully implemented the delivery of fully decorated finished houses

this means that the projects that have been sold or acquired land will not implement fine decoration and delivery

the decoration standard of self owned housing is not lower than that of public rental housing

affordable housing and limited price commodity housing are uniformly decorated in accordance with the decoration standard of public rental housing

at this stage, the decoration practice of self occupied commercial housing refers to public rental housing, and the decoration standard shall not be lower than that of public rental housing. The development and construction unit shall specify the decoration contents in the house purchase contract, including the selected materials, components, equipment brands and models, and strictly implement the catalogue of building materials promoted, restricted and prohibited in Beijing

the decoration standards of resettlement houses for the reconstruction of shanty towns shall be determined by the district and county governments themselves

invite buyers to pre inspect their houses one month in advance

the Beijing Municipal Commission of housing and urban rural development said that the quality and safety supervision institutions of municipal, district and county construction projects should include the delivery quality of fully decorated finished houses into the key supervision scope of project quality. After the project passes the completion acceptance and one month before the formal delivery, the developer shall organize an on-site open day activity to invite the buyer to pre inspect the house, focusing on the verification of the decoration and use functions. The development and construction unit shall record in detail, summarize the problems found in the process of pre inspection and rectify them in time

when the house is officially handed over, the buyer shall be issued with the indoor air quality inspection report, the residential quality guarantee and the residential operation manual

in addition, the development and construction unit should publicize the decoration menu content before the project lottery, and provide a model room on the project site. The model room should be open to all buyers and kept until six months after delivery. The materials, parts, equipment, etc. used should be consistent with the purchase contract, so that buyers can intuitively understand the decoration content and strengthen the comparison and supervision of decoration standards




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