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Many white-collar workers decide to buy a house and marry their stable boyfriend or girlfriend three or five years after graduation from University, and have a home in this city! As the white-collar Legion becomes larger and larger, their figures frequently appear in today's wave of house buying and home decoration. They who have received higher education have their own clear understanding of home decoration, and are more inclined to the display of fashion trends and personality, but home decoration is a professional thing involving too many aspects after all, so while fully displaying their cognition and personality, white-collar workers should also absorb the experience of people who have decorated, so as not to go astray. So, white-collar home decoration is easy to go into what misunderstanding, and how to solve it

misunderstanding 1. Small house type applies the home decoration mode of large house type

many white-collar workers say that because of short working hours and limited economic strength, they will choose small house type first. The basic functions of daily living of the room will not change with the size of the area, and the large house type has left reasonable space for various functions at the beginning of construction. Small house size is small, but the decoration is not easy. It is not advisable to simply apply the home decoration mode of general large house type

small houses need to consider design factors to meet functional requirements while avoiding space constraints

the designer suggests that room decoration needs to ensure a certain amount of sleeping space, reading space and storage space. Take the reading space as an example, the area does not need to be too large, as long as one corner of the room can accommodate computers and there is a special reading area. At the same time, you can also use some multifunctional furniture, such as young friends who have more contacts, and use some functional sofas to replace guest rooms, so as to solve the problem of friends' check-in at ordinary times

Myth 2. To save money, avoid home improvement companies

for budgetary reasons, many white-collar home improvement companies do not intend to hire professional home improvement companies. But avoiding professional home decoration companies and looking for guerrillas to decorate may not save money. Insiders said that because many people need to take care of their work in the process of home decoration, they don't have enough time to supervise. Moreover, the flexibility of labor and materials involved in home decoration is large, and there are many construction links. As long as workers overstate the budget in a certain link, the overall cost may not be saved. Instead, they can rest assured and worry about finding a large company while ensuring quality

in fact, there are many ways to save the budget of home decoration. The designer suggests that first of all, home decoration should not be big and complete, and it can be achieved overnight; Secondly, the purchase of building materials and other products does not need to keep up with the trend; However, it is unreasonable to blindly pursue discounted products in order to save money. It is unreasonable to blindly choose low prices and covet temporary bargains. If it is incompatible with the home decoration style, it will be redundant and cause waste

in addition, young people are more innovative and change oriented. When decorating their homes, they can only carry out simple basic decoration, and focus on the collocation of accessories and colors in the later stage, which not only saves the budget, but also meets the needs of pursuing diversity

misunderstanding 3. Follow the gourd and draw the gourd with reference to the works of the master

compared with other groups, they who have received higher education have a very clear understanding of home decoration design, and they prefer to refer to the works of the master rather than hire professional designers when home decoration

Xiao Chen bought a house and got married five years after graduating from university. When he was decorating his home, he had his own ideas and personality. He chose a work designed by referring to the master. From the drawings of the work, it was really original, wonderful, and a perfect home full of fashion. So Xiao Chen asked the home decoration company to carry out the construction completely according to the plan on the drawing, but the final result disappointed Xiao Chen. The original design was not suitable for the layout of his room, and it was completely out of shape! So the designer reminds you that it's a good thing to have your own ideas and personality. It's good to communicate with home decoration companies. Compared with customers who blindly decorate, they can often achieve their own satisfactory results in the end! However, it is best to refer to the master's works as a reference only for color and furniture matching. As a way to understand the popular style of home decoration, in the overall home decoration design, we still need to consider the actual uniqueness of the room




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