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German chemical industry will follow the route of biological raw materials

at present, German chemical industry relies on fossil fuels to produce chemical products. However, the newly established chemical and biotechnology process center (CBP) in loyna chemical park, Saxony Anhalt, Germany, will help German chemical industry transform to biomass raw material route

The Leuna chemical park is located in the heart of German industry. The region has a large number of agriculture and forestry and a large number of different types of biomass. It is estimated that 1million tons of lignocellulose can produce 100000 tons of bioethanol

the center has invested 50million euros and is planned to be completed and put into operation in 2010, which will support the German chemical industry to achieve its goal of establishing an industrial bio refinery. This kind of industrial bio refinery will use straw, sawdust, algae and other biomass prepared by COOEC as raw materials, which will not only greatly reduce the pollutant emission in the region, but also reduce the huge cost of oil resources consumed due to import due to very narrow channels

at present, 22 chemical companies have signed contracts with many universities and professional research institutes to participate in the work of the research center. The biomass conversion process has been successful in the laboratory. The focus of the next research is to seek ways to expand the conversion scale, so that the biomass from various sources can be used as renewable raw materials for the production of chemicals to reach the industrial scale. To this end, the researchers of the research center will devote themselves to developing new technologies and equipment. Andreasheitermann, the management director of basic loyna, said that the plastic angular strength testing machine has a lot of operation and attention processes in use, and the recycling rate of packaging materials has been greatly improved. The center will enlarge some technical processes to verify the laboratory results. At present, the products produced by biomass in German chemical industry account for 5% ~ 10%, but the scale is still small. He believes that it is expected that in about 10 years, biomass can replace fossil raw materials used in chemical production on a large scale. It is understood that the research center will not do any basic research, but only focus on the practices required by the industry, including the equipment, devices and engineering technologies required for biomass conversion, biomass refining, biomass cracking, biomass separation and biomass cleaning

looking into the future, it is expected that the German chemical industry will become the world leader in bio refinery technology. Analysts pointed out that this technology also has great export potential

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