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Bayer high-tech environmental protection materials add color to the "Water Cube" Germany Bayer high-tech environmental protection materials add color to the "Water Cube" October 11, 2007. This move is to respond to the call of the Chinese government and the construction industry to use high-tech and environmentally friendly materials, and actively promote the implementation process of China's waterborne polyurethane coating system

president of Bayer Greater China group, Konig, President of Bayer materials technology Greater China, commented on the project: "Energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection are important concepts actively advocated and implemented by the Chinese government in recent years. As a leading polymer supplier in the world, we hope to contribute to helping the Chinese government achieve this goal by using high-tech materials and solutions, combined with the experience we have accumulated in the world over the years that we should use viscous hydraulic oil in summer."

the materials provided by Bayer materials technology will be used in the bubble bar of the National Swimming Center. The total area of materials used is 670 square meters, of which 370 square meters are polyurethane art floor, and the rest are polyurethane floor coatings. In order to meet the government's goal of "Green Olympics", Bayer company has provided solvent-free and water-based polyurethane environment-friendly coatings. According to the agreement, in addition to providing raw materials, Bayer will undertake the construction and relevant consulting guidance of the art floor design, all coating materials above the ground base, and the art floor coating project

for such a well-known public place as the National Swimming Center, it is bound to face a certain flow of visitors. The polyurethane coating system based on Bayer raw materials has strong advantages in protecting the floor. Compared with other coating systems, the coating with polyurethane as raw material has weather resistance and flexibility, which not only ensures long-term decoration, but also brings unique properties such as crack bridging, wear resistance and reducing walking noise to the ground, providing long-term protection for the ground. Bayer Materials Technology Asia Pacific coating Dr. mifok, senior vice president of adhesives and sealants business unit, said: "The solvent-free and water-based polyurethane coating system provides an ideal solution for this project. Bayer materials technology aliphatic texmodu and texmodu series products not only provide excellent corrosion resistance and wear resistance for coating materials, but also make them have unparalleled weather resistance and soft and hard balance. The use of polyurethane coating system not only provides comprehensive protection for the ground, but also provides visual protection for people Feel good and comfortable. " Dr. mifuko then said: "we also use the high elastic modulus and small energy waterborne polyurethane system in the bubble bar. The waterborne polyurethane system based on bayhydro and bayhydur has the same high performance as the traditional products, but greatly reduces the emission of organic solvents in the coating system. The use of solvent-free and aqueous systems is to reduce the impact of the coating system on the environment."

in addition to providing raw materials, Bayer is also committed to working closely with customers to develop customized construction methods. The developed coating products have gone beyond the advantages of not only functionality, but also art and decoration into ordinary space. Dr mifok added: "To put it simply, polyurethane paint products can show the artistic sense of design in an exaggerated form. At the same time, they do not contain solvents, have excellent functions, are durable and extraordinary. Our solutions have been successfully applied to buildings all over the world, including venues where 3A composite materials for major events such as the Olympic Games and the world cup have contributed to the sustainable design of water taxis. The effective working life is as long as 30 years, and have been Global customer recognition. "

when the experimental force exceeds the set maximum force by 2~10%, it will automatically shut down. President Konig concluded: "in Bayer materials technology, the expectation of a bright future urges us to continue to innovate. Bayer hopes to provide full support for the goal of always leading the Chinese construction industry in the use of advanced materials. High tech materials and advanced solutions also provide infinite possibilities for the realization of the vision of the Chinese government and the construction industry."

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