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German construction company printed the F1 race track model in 3D

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core tip: Recently, tilkegmbh, a German construction company specializing in F1 race track design, used the equipment of 3dsystems to establish an accurate model of F1 race track. This 3D printing model has provided customers with a more comprehensive design and more mature ideas

[China Packaging News] recently, tilkegmbh, a German construction company specializing in Formula 1 track design, used the equipment of 3dsystems to establish an accurate model of Formula 1 track. This 3D printing model has provided customers with a more comprehensive design and more mature ideas

designing F1 racing tracks is a profitable but highly complex business. Since the terrain of a racing track can be uneven hills, it is often the most difficult to convey the actual road conditions in the form of documents. Fortunately, 3D printing technology can provide a solution to this problem. Previously, 2D maps could not represent the peaks and troughs of terrain. Since 1994, the German company tilke has been a leader in F1 track and facilities. In Mexico, Singapore and Abu Dhabi, Bahrain has more than 200 employees. The contract price of blow molding grade HDPE in February was 834 cents/pound (1 engineer and overseas offices). In Aachen and Germany, the company used the spectrumz5103d printer of 3dsystems to create a high-quality color model of its racing track.

spectrumz510, an fdm3d printer with excellent experience in the office. "Before we had spectrumz510, terrain was a very difficult model because of its complex architectural structure and details," said bettinanoppeney, an architect working in tilke. "Now, using images, we can print three-dimensional color models of the racetrack and its surrounding areas. We can also print exquisite and detailed three-dimensional models. Many of the buildings we design form complex racetrack models."

tilkefranzschleibach is responsible for the operation of the spectrumz5103d printer and forms a 3D model for field layout with the structural components and electromechanical components created by many architects and engineers of the company. "We can use spectrumz510 to print out the entire model of F1 complexity for our customers," schleibach said. "Before we invest in systems machines with excess capacity in the oil refining industry in 3DS1, we must have a two-dimensional concept. When a customer can see a 3D model with a reduced version on site, I believe that for the customer, its visual impact will be immeasurable and its effect will be impressive."

in addition, designers working in tilke also use 3D printers to create some additional details or additional elements. Among them, the company does not even need to use CAD software to design the tragedy of the total annihilation of the Beiyang Navy from scratch, because its content and arrangement can be demonstrated to customers. Then, using a 3D printer, a designer can create physical iterations of the design in a few hours instead of a few days. You can also build multiple models by stacking and nesting parts

in addition to the advantage of saving time in recent years, spectrumz5103d printer also allows tierk to produce full-color 3D printing models earlier, giving customers a more realistic racing track. " Spectrumz510 has improved our modeling process and shortened the engineering gap in new areas, "noppeney said. "We can also produce more quickly and raise higher standards. This machine has changed the way we explore and how we present to our customers." Tilkegmbh used 3D printers to print out the overall model of the product, which not only left a deep impression on customers, but also, with the continuous development of 3D printing technology, this technology is expected to become a standard program in the industry

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