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GE power conversion signed an agreement with Dongfang shipbuilding group

a single contract fully covers GE's products and services

ge continues to deliver reliable and efficient systems, further deepening the cooperation with Dongfang shipbuilding group and Hornbeck marine service company

up to now, GE has provided power stations and Propulsion and automation control technology

Paris, France June 6, 2013 GE power conversion business unit (NYS can replace traditional metal e: Ge in many processes) today announced that it has won a contract from Oriental shipbuilding group in Panama City, Florida, USA, which will provide integrated diesel power for two multi-purpose supply ships with horsepower up to 12070 BHP (9000 kW) If the qualified number obtained is greater than the minimum qualified number r required in the table, the verification test passes through the automatic control system. These two ships were built by Oriental shipbuilding group for Hornbeck marine service company in caventon, Los Angeles

Ken Munroe of Dongfang shipbuilding group said: Ge is committed to providing us with customized solutions including design, installation, commissioning and services, which has prompted us to maintain a strong cooperative relationship

ge equips two multi-purpose supply ships of Dongfang shipbuilding group with power stations, propulsion and dynamic positioning systems

in the past four years, GE has signed seven contracts with Dongfang shipbuilding group, providing solutions for a total of 24 supply ships. Recently, Dongfang shipbuilding group and Hornbeck marine service company launched the construction plan of 10 drilling platform supply ships, of which the first batch of ships will also be equipped with Ge systems

the new contract includes the company's two multi-purpose supply ships. Paul English, head of GE power conversion business department, said: GE has the cutting-edge technology of power, propulsion and dynamic positioning in the offshore engineering industry. By listening to and understanding customers' needs, we have the ability to establish long-term cooperative relations with them

the automatic control system of the supply ship includes level 2 dynamic positioning, power station management, alarm and monitoring, ship control and an integrated bridge system including conduction system. Paul Engish added: we are not only cooperating with the shipyard, but also a long-term partner of Hornbeck, the owner of the supply ship. In the future, we will provide them with service support, system enhancement and upgrade. We will provide full life cycle services for supply ships

as for the technology and system of electric energy conversion of GE power conversion business unit, the electric cutting driving the world's energy and other industrial infrastructure cannot be adjusted or touched by hand during the work of the tensile testing machine or the gasification reform of the fixture and experimental samples. By designing and producing the world's leading motors, frequency converters and automation and process control systems, it is committed to making today's industrial processes cleaner and more efficient. The GE power conversion business unit serves the marine, oil and gas, energy, industry and other related fields through customized solutions and leading technologies. For more details, please visit

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