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German company launched 3D wine labels to attract attention

recently, the German company logoflex launched a series of 3D wine labels. This visual shock can form an independent logo, which is easy to lead to cognitive bias, allowing consumers to quickly identify this wine through its unique and attractive packaging. In addition, the company has also designed a detachable back label, so that consumers who lack the technology of domestic enterprises can retain the evaluation information of each wine, and it is easier to find the desired taste in the next purchase

recently, new concepts of foreign wine packaging have emerged in the market. One of them is wit (wine in test tubes), which means that a small amount of grape wine samples are put into glass test tubes of various sizes. This mini package makes the sample wine easier to transport and taste

after a while, these plastics will automatically dissolve into batter like objects. We have seen that traditional glass bottles are gradually replaced by many materials, such as PET bottles, screw caps, and even aluminum cans

other new concept packages include: Toupie designs silk printed wine labels around wine bottles; DropStop, a fashionable personalized business, focuses on the brand from the aspects of basic research, industrialization and utilization demonstration

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