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German Bayer company will significantly reduce the number of employees. Schneider, chairman of German Bayer company, said on the 10th that in order to alleviate the current difficulties, the company will increase the number of employees to be laid off by our Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. with a large customer base. The number of employees to be laid off may reach several thousand

Bayer announced on the 9th that it would reduce 1800 jobs and close 15 offices worldwide

Schneider said in an interview with the South German newspaper that earlier this week, when the after-sales service personnel visited customers regularly every year, the lipid-lowering drugs produced by Bayer company caused a scandal because they were related to the death of American patients, forcing the company to withdraw this most promising drug from the market, which was even worse for Bayer company, which was already affected by the economic downturn

Schneider said: "before exchanging views with relevant departments, I cannot give the exact number of layoffs. But in general, the number of layoffs will reach thousands."

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