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Germany betek and XCMG Foundation jointly launched a new generation of rock cutting edge tool bkh105p

Germany betek and XCMG Foundation jointly launched a new generation of rock cutting edge tool bkh105p

China's construction machinery automatically stops when the information exceeds the maximum experimental force by 2% (5%)

Germany betek is a world-class tool manufacturer and enters the Chinese market with baoe. At present, Germany betek cooperates with XCMG foundation. With the help of the technical advantages of the two sides, the two sides have joined forces to optimize the product design for the rotary excavation conditions and jointly create a sharp tool into the rock

Germany betek and XCMG Foundation jointly launched a new generation of rock cutting tool bkh105p

now, a special pick bkh105p has been developed to grind the rock characteristics of the pick matrix for granite and sandstone. This pick carcass uses the alloy spraying technology to make the surface hardness of the carcass consistent with the alloy hardness. At present, only betek has mastered this core technology

I. design concept

during the construction of granite and sandstone strata, the drilling slag formed by the broken rock surface of the pick contains a large amount of quartz and is extremely hard. The pick carcass is repeatedly ground at the bottom. After the carcass is seriously worn, the alloy is lack of protection, resulting in the alloy falling off and abnormal damage to the pick. The bkh105p carcass is coated with alloy to improve the abrasion resistance of the carcass, make the alloy and carcass wear evenly, and improve the service life of the pick. This pick has excellent performance and high cost performance when used in granite strata in Shenzhen

II. Project situation

this project is the construction of bite pile for the enclosure project of Shenzhen Marriott building. The pile diameter is ¢ 1.0m, the pile length is about 22m, the plain pile does not enter the rock, the meat pile is designed to enter the moderately weathered granite for 1.5m, and the saturated compressive strength of the rock is 80MPa. There is one XCMG xr400d, one xr320d and one xr280d on site. The previous pick used in this project was 70 yuan, and the average pick consumption was 10/m

III. trial method

try on the pick barrel drill, replace all the picks on the barrel drill with bkh105p, and record the rock entry time, hole completion time, rock entry depth and the number of picks consumed each time a pile is completed

IV. trial results

the left side is the two teeth with the most serious wear of the first pile, and the right side is the two teeth with the most serious wear of the second pile. The above pick has eccentric wear due to angle. If the angle is appropriate, the service life of the pick will be higher

v. trial conclusion

1. Reliable welding of alloy coating: it can be seen from the photos after the pick is worn that the alloy coating is firmly welded. After the alloy coating is partially or severely worn, the non worn part is still closely engaged with the carcass

2. The alloy and tire utilize the speed converter body of the gear to balance the wear: the alloy coating has a good protective effect on the tire, and the alloy and tire wear evenly, greatly improving the service life of the pick

3. Extremely high cost performance: this project has an average of 2.1 automatic zeroing: after the start of the experiment, the tooth consumption is 1/m, and the cost of the pick is 140 yuan; However, with ordinary pick, the average pick consumption is 10 pieces/meter, and the cost is 700 yuan

bkh105p pick has obvious advantages in granite stratum and high price, which reduces the construction cost for customers. XCMG will, as always, work with betek to create better products and effectively solve various construction problems for customers

VI. pick recommendations

selecting appropriate picks for different strata can reduce construction costs and improve construction efficiency. XCMG and betek recommend the following high-quality picks to you

model: bkh83

horizontal tensile testing machine can test and analyze the mechanical properties of various metal, non-metal and composite materials. Model: bkh83

features: sharp teeth, suitable for medium soft rocks, and high drilling efficiency

recommended stratum: sedimentary rock within 40MPa, igneous rock within 30MPa

model: bkh105

model: bkh105

features: suitable for medium hard rocks with high cost performance

recommended stratum: sedimentary rock within 60MPa, igneous rock within 50MPa

model: bkh105p

model: bkh105p

features: the matrix is sprayed with alloy protective layer, which is wear-resistant

recommended stratum: sandstone, granite and other abrasive rocks within 80MPa

model: bkh126p

model: bkh126p

features: large alloy, matrix spraying alloy protective layer, suitable for hard rock and large tonnage drilling rig

recommended stratum: sedimentary rock and igneous rock within 100MPa

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