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Germany: beverage packaging deposit policy leads to industry recession

not long ago, a German food production group asked the German government to consider withdrawing 10% of the beverage packaging deposit that has been implemented for 3 months The direction of the experiment: the policy of two-way payment, and claimed that the policy had led to a sharp decline in the beverage sales industry, and thousands of people lost their jobs in the free maintenance industry

according to trauman, head of the German food production association, compared with the same period last year, Germany's national beer sales decreased by 9.8% in January and February this year, while the sales of soft drinks decreased by 14%

the German Ministry of environment said that it still believed that it was wise to implement the measure, and said that at present, the Ministry of environment has no relevant investigation data to confirm whether trauman's statement is true

Germany is the most active recycling advocate in the world. From January 1 this year, Germany's policy and legislation on charging beverage packaging deposits came into effect. Therefore, the Germans have to pay a recovery deposit of at least 27 cents for the outer packaging and empty plastic bottles of various cans, beer, mineral water with an annual capacity of 10800 tons, soft drinks, etc. after consumption

at present, although grape wine bottle and milk carton packaging are not included in the deposit, German wine producers, wine bottle manufacturers and store owners have asked to cancel the legislation because of a series of legal disputes. At the same time, the German government also plans to extend the scope of deposit delivery to more commodity packaging, including milk carton packaging

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