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The annual meeting of the Automation Instrument Branch was held in Zhangjiajie. The eighth factory director (Manager) working meeting of the automation instrument industry (including the Branch Council) and the annual meeting of the Automation Instrument Branch of China Instrument Association were held in Zhangjiajie from October 26 to 28, 2005. Present at the meeting were Zang Gongyu, the vice president and Dong Jingchen, the Deputy Secretary General of China Instrument and meter industry association, the chairman and vice chairman, the deputy secretary general and directors of the branch, the chairman and vice chairman and Deputy Secretary General of various professional committees, the director (Manager) of relevant member units of the Automation Instrument Branch and relevant units of the automation instrument industry, a total of 90 units and 114 representatives

the meeting was co chaired by the president and vice president of the Automation Instrument Branch (hereinafter referred to as the branch), and entrusted fan Youlin, President (general manager of Shanghai Automation Instrument Co., Ltd.), Gao Mingzhang, vice president (general manager of Tianjin Instrument Group Co., Ltd.), Ma Yushan, Vice President (deputy general manager of Wuzhong Instrument Co., Ltd.), sun Shuping, vice president (director of Shanghai Industrial Automation Instrument Research Institute) Liu Jin (on behalf of Zhang Jun, vice president and director of China Silian Instrument Group) presided over the agenda of the meeting. The meeting arranged the following main contents:

1. Zang Gongyu, vice president of China instrumentation industry association, attended and made an important speech. He analyzed the economic operation of the instrumentation industry in the first half of 2005. The transition from high-speed development to stable and rapid development of instrumentation was better than previously predicted, especially the industrial automation instrumentation industry was higher than the average level of the development of key technologies for the preparation of biobased nylon in the instrumentation industry, Moreover, the growth rate of exports exceeded that of imports; This paper introduces the progress of the formulation of the eleventh five year plan, and conveys several opinions (plans) of the State Council on accelerating the revitalization of the equipment manufacturing industry. Among them, automatic control systems and key precision testing instruments are one of the key areas of national revitalization. It describes in detail the goals and principles determined in the plan, the important tasks determined, and puts forward the specific plans and requirements for the preparation of the project content; The recent work of the association was reported, the importance of the work of the Automation Instrument Branch was emphasized, and important instructions were given to the work of the Automation Instrument Branch. Deputy Secretary General Dong Jingchen introduced the requirements of the "preparation of the localization plan and technical policy for the automation control system and key precision testing instruments during the Eleventh Five Year Plan", focusing on the specific implementation plan for the localization of the main products in the plan. The contents and projects of the plan should be relatively operable. It is necessary to truly master the key core technologies for the project, take the road of independent innovation products, and implement the plan, Make breakthroughs in product localization

2. Secretary General Gu Ruiliang of the branch reported the work from 2004 to 2005 and the suggestions on the work plan for 2006; At the same time, the economic operation summary, product production development and market analysis of China's industrial automation instruments in the past ten years were made

3. Director Hong Zhiguang of Shanghai Automation Instrument Co., Ltd. made a report on "suggestions on the 2020 scientific and technological development plan of automation instruments"

4. The report of the former Shanghai Guanghua Instrument Factory luguoweigao's work "the latest research and development trend of Japanese automobile: the ten-year dynamics of Solvay polymer material industrial measuring instruments"

5. Zouchong, general manager of shangrun Precision Instrument Co., Ltd., made key exchange speeches on "enterprise management and reform" on the topic of "adhering to brand strategy and building a modern enterprise" and Ji Yongwu, deputy general manager of Anshan solenoid valve Co., Ltd., on the topic of "relying on science and technology, forge ahead, and expand and strengthen China's solenoid valve enterprises"

6. According to the arrangement of the meeting, there were special meetings called st extended meter, DTF extended Meter Branch Director expansion meeting, Temperature Instrument Professional Committee Council, display and control instrument industry factory (company). The leadership report of the association, the work report of the branch and the 2006 annual work plan were discussed respectively, and the management and reform experience of "keeping pace with the times, pioneering and innovative, and sustainable development" of enterprises were further exchanged

the atmosphere of the meeting was lively, free speech, rich in content, and consensus was formed. The participants agreed that it was enlightening and rewarding

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