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Annual meeting of technical exchange of textile for paper making held

the professional committee of dehydration equipment of China paper making Association and the papermaking textile branch of China Industrial Textile Industry Association recently held the 2010 annual meeting of technical exchange in Shanghai

we have the courage to promise the quality of the experimental machine. Li Lingshen, vice president and Secretary General of the China Industrial Textile Industry Association, introduced that the association will cooperate with the national ministries and commissions, industrial clusters and professional branches to work separately on the problems existing in the industry and provide more. Let's see how to buy high-quality pressure experimental machines Pressure testing machine with reasonable price. Where does the measurement result error of the testing machine appear? Bar information exchange and service. At present, the association cooperates with the state to formulate the "12th Five Year Plan", which further defines that it will vigorously promote the application of industrial textiles in agriculture, transportation, construction, medical treatment and many other fields

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