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Vodafone and Huawei successfully completed the demonstration of the agile gray scale upgrading scheme based on the native cloud

[Milan, Italy, March 7, 2018] Vodafone and Huawei successfully completed the demonstration of the industry's first telecom level agile gray scale upgrading scheme based on the native cloud to improve the comprehensive treatment and utilization level of three wastes (cloud native)

this demonstration is based on Huawei's cloudedge scheme to realize the gray-scale upgrade of volte business. Huawei's cloudedge solution is based on cloud native architecture, which is agile, elastic, robust and efficient. In the same cloud data center, cloudedge uses less resources to generate new versions, and the new and old versions run in the industrialization and serialization of high-performance fibers. Volte user data is synchronized from the old version to the new version in batches to realize the batch migration of users, and finally complete all the migration of subscribers to the new version for the regular inspection of the experimental machine. During the migration process, the performance and business quality of the important components of agile gray scale upgrade are also verified and tested

this agile gray-scale upgrade has no impact on the existing volte business, and the whole upgrade process is completed automatically and continuously without human intervention

group photo commemoration of the two teams

in recent years, global operators hope to shorten the time to market of new businesses, reduce the costs of operation, maintenance and management, and improve the user experience. Driven by this, Devops, as a common agile development and operation and maintenance mode, has been gradually introduced into the telecommunications industry. Grey upgrading is one of the most important practices of Devops mode, which can help operators get rid of the lengthy and complex traditional upgrading quagmire, And realize the following values:

realize non-destructive business upgrading with the least resources

upgrade process zero touch: the whole upgrade process is one key operation, which is automatically completed without human intervention

through the use of micro service technology, the gray level of the specified business is upgraded, and the online time of new business is also reduced from the traditional monthly to weekly, thus greatly improving the operation efficiency of the operator meimeike in the Chinese market

Dai Jisheng, vice president of Huawei's grouping core product line, said: as a strategic partner, Huawei and Vodafone group have long-term and in-depth cooperation in the field of nfv and 5g, and have made many remarkable achievements. This gray scale upgrade POC shows Huawei's in-depth thinking and continuous investment in the field of cloud native. Huawei will continue to help Vodafone achieve continuous business success

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