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The annual growth rate of construction machinery industry will reach 17%

construction machinery is a technology, capital and labor-intensive industry. Since 2007, China has become a major country of construction machinery in the world. However, the product quality is generally inferior to that of foreign countries, and the price is significantly lower than that of similar products in Europe, America and Japan. Whether China can transform from a big country of construction machinery to a powerful country depends on whether the supporting parts can become larger and stronger in the coming years, especially whether the core technologies such as hydraulic pumps and engines can make breakthroughs

on December 6, Yang Baode, Deputy Secretary General of the Construction Machinery Association, said at the "2011 Annual Investment Strategy Conference" held by national securities that the "12th Five Year Plan" period will generally not exceed "#,/0, the annual growth rate of China's construction machinery industry will reach 17%, and the revenue will reach 900billion yuan.

he said that the sales of construction machinery double corrugated cardboard accounts for about 1.5%-2.5% of the national fixed asset investment, which is the most powerful guarantee for the steady growth of the construction machinery industry in the next 20 years." 10 if the spring is unqualified, it will have a great impact 25 " During this period, the national investment in transportation will reach 10 trillion yuan. The construction of infrastructure such as high-speed rail, urban rail, subway and expressway will greatly drive the development of the construction machinery industry

in addition, export will be another powerful engine to drive the growth of construction machinery industry. Domestic construction machinery products are more cost-effective than Europe, America and Japan, and have broad market prospects in Africa, America and other places in the future. He predicted that the export volume of China's construction machinery will reach 15billion US dollars next year

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