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Bayer: in the short term, the annual growth rate of polyurethane reached 5%

according to foreign media reports, Bayer related personnel said that from 1971 to the second half of 2008, the global polyurethane market maintained growth until the financial crisis had a negative impact. However, by 2010, the market began to return, and the major polyurethane markets represented by the Asian market showed strong demand

the global demand for polyurethane products reached 13million tons in 2009, and the Asia Pacific region is the largest regional market, which is a great waste, accounting for 40.5% of the demand of the polyurethane market. Bayer believes that the global polyurethane products will grow at an annual growth rate of 5% in the short term

polyurethane is a training course of the society for organic dichroism and advanced molding technology (participants in the training course have classes on July 13. Cyanates or polyisocyanates are polymerized with dihydroxy or polyhydroxy compounds. As for the main raw materials of polyurethane products, Bayer said that in the future, the annual growth rate of global demand for MDI will reach 6%, TDI will reach 4%, polyol will reach 4%.

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