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The role of tillage and land preparation and the corresponding agricultural machinery

cultivated land is an important measure in agricultural production. Due to the growth of crops, the sun and rain in the field, the soil above the farming layer is damaged. According to the strategic strategy of the company headquarters and the Asia Pacific region, the fertility is reduced, and it is easy to harden, which is not conducive to the growth of crops. Therefore, before sowing or transplanting seedlings, it is necessary to cultivate land, so as to create good conditions for crop growth. The function of cultivated land is:

1 Overturn the soil layer with machines and tools to restore soil fertility

2. Cover the vegetation with machines and tools to eliminate weeds and pests

3. Plough crop residues and fertilizers into the soil to increase organic matter

4. Loosen the soil and increase the porosity, which is conducive to the extension of crop roots

arable machinery includes moldboard plough, disc plough, rotary cultivator and scarifying plough. In southern China, in summer, in order to compare the segregation of inclusions, rotary cultivators are used to plough paddy fields, or to plough and prepare vegetable fields at one time, but in most areas, rotary cultivators are used for the interview site of land preparation after ploughing

land preparation operations include harrowing, leveling and suppression. Some areas also include ridging and border planting. After cultivated land, there are many macropores in the soil block. The degree of soil fragmentation and the flatness of the field can not meet the requirements of sowing and planting (or transplanting). Therefore, land preparation must be carried out to create good conditions for the germination and growth of crops. The dry land land preparation operation mainly includes the leveling of the field surface and the softness of the surface; The paddy field preparation operation requires that the soil after raking should be loose and broken, the slurry should be good, the green manure can be covered, and the field surface should be flat. Carry out fatigue life test on V-belt and multi wedge belt

soil preparation machinery includes: harrow (disc harrow, paddy field harrow and nail harrow), crusher, ridging plough and border making machine, etc. (end)

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