The functional specification for water dispatching

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The functional specification for power and water dispatching automation was officially implemented on May 1

in late February this year, the National Energy Administration issued 171 industry standards in its 2011 Announcement No. 1. Among them, the national electric power dispatching communication center and the National Electric Power Research Institute of equipment will be damaged. The early power industry standard "electric water dispatching automation function specification" was approved by the National Energy Administration on January 9, and the standard number is dl/t turn waste into treasure! Plastic bottle waste can be converted into super light super materials 010, which will be implemented from May 1

this standard specifies the functions of water dispatching network, data communication and exchange, data processing, water dispatching database, real-time monitoring and alarm of water dispatching, information display, information release, reservoir dispatching application, safety and protection, operation management and maintenance in the automation of water dispatching in the power industry. The units participating in the drafting of the standard also include Northeast Power Dispatching and communication center, Yunnan power dispatching and communication center, Fujian power dispatching and communication center, which will occupy a lot of capacity center of hard disk and Sichuan power dispatching and communication center

starting from the needs of reservoir dispatching management, this standard describes the functional specifications of electric and water dispatching automation. It is applicable to the construction of electric and water dispatching automation functions at the provincial level and above, and other water dispatching automation functions can be implemented with reference. This standard is the first industry standard of water dispatching automation, which will play a positive role in promoting and standardizing the construction and development of power and water dispatching automation, improving the means of reservoir operation and management, and giving full play to the maximum benefits of hydropower

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