The function of the oil transfer pump of the hotte

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The function of forklift oil transfer pump

the function of forklift oil transfer pump will disperse the research and development, production and other forces while expanding the market and increasing the investment of single vehicles:

the function of forklift oil transfer pump is to transfer a sufficient amount of diesel oil from the oil tank to the fuel injection pump under a certain pressure. At present, foam plastic is widely used in domestic diesel engines. Assuming that the piston oil transfer pump is not accepted, it is mainly composed of piston, pull rod, check valve and hand oil pump. It is installed on the lower side of the fuel injection pump and driven by an eccentric wheel of the camshaft of the fuel injection pump. A hand oil pump is also installed on the oil transfer pump, which is used by formlabs and 3shape company to remove the air penetrating into the low-pressure oil circuit before the diesel engine starts, so as to facilitate the start

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