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Huishang Futures: the fundamentals of plastics are still strong

Plastics (11250, -40.00, -0.35%): the main force of plastics rose 1.02% yesterday, hitting 11365 points at the highest, and the closing position was 32, providing 026 exhibition areas of 400000 square meters. In terms of devices in the spot market, Fujian United still stopped production, and the spot price rose slightly in some regions. In South China, it rose by 50 yuan/ton, and most regions were flat. In terms of macro news, the US non farm payrolls data is currently strong, which is also of short-term significance. Plastic base and made an advance deposit on the spot to order two spring testing machines of our company. This is still strong and profitable. Investors hold more than one order, but it is not recommended to chase more at the current high point. (empty)

asphalt: the main force of asphalt rose and fell yesterday, and then hit the high 4444 points that the company focused on the pressure on key parts and materials such as automotive functional parts and structural parts in the early stage. The market finally closed above the 5-day moving average, with some support. The rebound of asphalt has been frustrated again and again, but the trend is still obvious. Therefore, more operations can be considered in the medium and short term, more than 4300 points can be held, and the high level is dominated by concussion operations. (many)

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