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Taifeng capital and CDB may jointly raise funds to invest in China photovoltaic

yesterday, guy hands, chairman and chief investment officer of Taifeng capital, said in an interview that he was cooperating with CDB to raise funds with a total scale of $3 billion to $5 billion to invest in new energy projects such as solar energy and wind energy at home and abroad, "China is very attractive. It will choose a good extensometer for calibration and zeroing: measure the standard length investment opportunity, and I believe there will be a good return."

Ge Hansi, known as "Buffett of Europe" and "leader of European industrial funds", founded Taifeng capital, one of the four major industrial funds in Europe. Taifeng capital is an investment boss who is good at mergers and acquisitions. It has made equity investments of more than 14billion euros and completed transactions worth more than 44billion euros

it is worth noting that Chinese solar and wind energy enterprises have generally encountered difficulties this year. Most of them have suffered losses, and the industry has suffered from both Europe and the United States. Therefore, enterprises have high debt and financing difficulties

yesterday, Ge Hansi introduced that he is currently seeking cooperation with the China Development Bank. The two sides plan to jointly raise a fund, which includes two parts of RMB 2billion and US $3billion to US $5billion. The fund is mainly invested in the field of new energy. The fund is expected to make positive progress by the end of the year

it is understood that the 2billion yuan fund among the above funds is considering investing in China's photovoltaic enterprises, including equity investment or repurchase Association. Given that many branches of CDB have weak systems in the instrument industry, and institutions are very familiar with relevant domestic industries, Ge Hansi said that he believes that they will choose good investment opportunities

in addition, Ge Hansi introduced that Taifeng capital's six business segments are being comprehensively promoted in China, including negotiating acquisitions or equity participation with several domestic cinemas

in fact, Taifeng capital acquired the largest 3D and IMAX operators in Europe. Ge Hansi said that at present, twoorthree Chinese cinemas are negotiating with him

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