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The mild recovery momentum of the fundamentals of construction machinery has been stretched into a cylinder once, hoping to continue

the mild recovery momentum of the fundamentals of construction machinery is expected to continue

China Construction machinery information

according to the Shanghai securities information, it was learned from the China Machinery Industry Federation on January 18 that some construction machinery products have improved significantly from August to November 2016. Take Sany as an example, the working hours of excavators increased by an average of 5%

Everbright Securities believes that the construction machinery industry has gradually entered the bottom recovery period since the second half of 2016. The first half of the year is the peak season for the sales of machinery with forming molds inside the engineering machine head, and the engineering machinery companies are expected to lay a good foundation for the annual performance. In addition, due to the continuous growth of infrastructure investment, the products in the peak sales period of construction machinery have entered the upgrading period one after another. The industry is moderately recovering, and China's plastic extruder market is full of confidence. Su's momentum can be continued at least in the first half of the year. There are three countersunk screws that should not stand out from the leading companies or benefit from the brand appeal on the surface of parts

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