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Haitong Futures: the fundamentals are short, PTA continues to fluctuate

European and American stock markets rebounded slightly after a sharp fall. People are always waiting for further information from the market. Wednesday's U.S. gasoline inventory data will be another concern. Perhaps at this stage, the market expectation is always pessimistic. Overnight, NYMEX crude oil December futures closed down $0.56 to close at $54.39/barrel. It is worth our attention that the US dollar index has deviated technically, and the high pressure on November 13 must be paid attention to. Perhaps the adjustment is not far away, so the future crude oil will repeat, but the weak situation is still difficult to change

the futures price fell along 5, KD was still in the hunting area, MACD continued to be weak, maintaining the judgment of decline, and the first satisfaction point of the future market was $47

the performance of Pt futures market was relatively calm yesterday, and there were signs of capital outflow after the limit rise. After the main 901 contract opened high, it fluctuated and fell, and the intraday position was significantly reduced, up 26 points slightly from the settlement price of the previous trading day

pta spot market is mainly stable, internal and external offers are less, the activity of inquiry is reduced, the mainstream negotiation of internal offers is yuan/ton, and the general cargo of external offers is nearly 500000 babies are born prematurely every year. The quotation of goods is $per ton, and the buyer accepts $per ton, with less trading. In terms of raw materials, affected by the production reduction, the PX small mate rose to $595/ton (FOB South Korea), and began to show signs of stabilization. In addition, the settlement price of the PX contract between Japan exiguang and Mitsui chemical in November was $600/ton CFR Asia. In terms of polyester, the quotation of polyester chips fell to the previous low, the production and sales of polyester in Jiangsu and Zhejiang Province rebounded significantly, and the production and sales of POY and FDY were%,%, DTY production and sales were also more flat, and the quotation was more stable. DTY, FDY, poy150d cash mainstream 8600, 7600, 6600 yuan/ton, and the actual transaction was still preferential

the futures price closed in negative cross, KD and MACD continued to strengthen, the transaction volume increased sharply, and the technical indicators were strong. In the short term, it should be in a volatile pattern, and it is more likely to rise today. The static tensile strength of supports 4480, 4250, pressure 4620, 4785 joints shall meet the following requirements:

crude oil is still weak. Although there are enterprises in the downstream, why is Jinan testing machine so good? Stable trend, but the loom operating rate has not improved, PTA fundamentals are still to adopt Rockwell hardness tester empty, investors can not catch up, should wait and see

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