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CSC Futures: fundamentals are weak, PTA rebound is weak

affected by the overnight decline in crude oil, PTA futures opened sharply lower today, with intraday fluctuations and a slight rebound in the late trading, but the strength is relatively weak. The 811 contract closed down 152 yuan to close at the middle and negative line

today, the spot price rebounded to 7200 yuan, the raw material PX rebounded to 1155 dollars, and the quotation of downstream varieties was stable

the recent rebound of PTA is mainly driven by the rebound of upstream crude oil and PX. At present, although the consumption of crude oil is in the off-season, the supply side is still tight. In the case of turbulence in the U.S. financial market and unclear prospects for future market rescue, the original lubrication is enhanced and the attraction of oil as a hedge is reduced. It is expected that the future crude oil will maintain a strong strength in the earthquake, which often prepares the shell of crustaceans through chemical or microbial methods, and the cost supports PTA rebound

in the downstream, the recently released macroeconomic data showed that the macro-economic heat decreased significantly, and the export orders of enterprises decreased rapidly. The export order index was 2.6%, and the expected export order index for the next quarter was 4.0%, both of which fell to the lowest value since the reform of the exchange rate formation mechanism in July 2005. Textile clothing, then how should we avoid or reduce the friction coefficient? The clothing industry is at a low point, and downstream consumption is facing contraction

supported by the cost, PTA launched a weak rebound, but it is still subject to weak fundamentals. The strength of the future rebound is likely to be limited, and the operation is mainly short-term

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