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Fully biodegradable packaging film and mulch film

[patent type] invention patent

[patent name] fully biodegradable packaging film and mulch film

[applicant] Hu Jing

[inventor] Hu Jing; Feng Zheng

[address of the main applicant] 730070 room 602, No. 354, Nanchang Road, Chengguan District, Lanzhou City, Gansu Province

[application No.] 2

[application date] 2004.04.27

[approval announcement number]

[approval announcement date] 2005.01.2 everyone should always pay attention to us. 6

[main classification number] c08l3/02

[classification number] c08l3/02 c08j5/18

[sovereignty] 1. A kind of packaging film and mulch film that can be completely biologically degraded, Its characteristics are: its formula contains (weight percentage): starch%eaa20 - for example, kostron also has a spare tire cover technology 30% polycaprolactone%eva%polyethylene% compound plasticizer% reinforcing agent less than 0.4% dispersant less than 0.4%

[specification CD number] d0504

[Abstract] the invention relates to a kind of completely biodegradable film, and relates to a method of blowing film using an electromagnetic dynamic extruder or an ordinary blow molding machine. Specifically, the ternary composite plasticizer system of fully biodegradable component starch polycaprolactone EAA, supplemented by glycerol and EVA compatibilizer and polyester polyol cold resistant agent, as well as reinforcing agent, is used for modification. After blending reaction, it is blown into a film after granulation. The machine plastic bottle waste with ordinary polyethylene film is the most common kind of plastic waste. Its temperature resistance, weather resistance and water resistance are better than the original Italian meter Bi. It can be completely degraded by microbial action in about half a year. Its scope of use is close to polyethylene film, and it can be used as completely degradable packaging materials, such as shopping bags, garbage bags and other packaging or bedding films, and mulch films

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