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On June 10, according to foreign media reports, Microsoft updated the Bing version again, strengthening many features. At present, American users can experience it immediately, and British users can also log in to the Bing update software

it is reported that the combination of search and dating functions is not limited to the computer version of Bing. Users can also use it. The integration of Facebook and Bing makes consumers feel more friendly. The "mobile" version of Bing successfully integrates the functions of social networking sites and browsers

previously, as long as Bing users were in the United States, they could easily get the latest updates. The enhanced update service also includes updating the search history, so that users can easily find browsing records. Another priority for Bing users in the United States is to be able to use UX searchers to find classified information about Bing, such as the United States, the world, the state, entertainment, technology, business, current politics, sports, and health. Andychu, the director of Bing, also revealed, "whether you want to find the latest entertainment information or sports event scores, due to the extensive utilization and company cooperation brought by the NCC research project, the home page of Bing can immediately know the day. The scrolling function of Bing allows you to quickly browse the headlines, and you won't miss the rich classification information. Its lithium salt production capacity in 2017 is about 34000 tons."

in addition, the map update function merges the map and list into one page. That is to say, users can know the location information while browsing the map

chu said that British app users are also lucky to use the station. They will be able to use Facebook's sharing function, map the list browsing page on August 22, 2014, enhanced list, automatic reminder, London real-time conversion and the disappointments encountered in its research process. He has rich functions. Sadie

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