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Binyang closed 100 paper mills. Now some "dead mills" want to "revive"

in the 100 day action of energy conservation and emission reduction launched by Nanning at the end of 2007, more than 100 unqualified paper mills in Binyang County were closed. Recently, it was learned in Binyang that some of the closed paper mills are stepping up their expansion and preparing to revive in order to meet a certain standard. Local villagers are worried about this

in this regard, Nanning environmental protection department said that the expansion to an annual output of 10000 tons is only one of the hard standards. Other equipment, such as sewage treatment equipment and environmental protection equipment, such as the output of manufacturers, has increased, but these equipment can not go hand in hand, it is absolutely impossible to produce

the villagers drove away the paper factory owner

in order to protect the environment, we just drove away a paper owner last month. On June 3, Ms. Wei, a villager in tankyao village, Xinqiao Town, Binyang County, told this newspaper that near her home, some paper mills that had previously been closed by the government would be very dangerous, and they would secretly start work again. When they saw this, they complained to the local departments concerned, and on the one hand, they came to discuss it. Under the power-off intervention of the relevant departments and the insistence of the villagers, one of the paper mill owners announced to stop production and leave

however, this incident does not excite the villagers such as Ms. Wei, because there are many private paper mills still waiting around the village, which hope to resume production in other ways

in the morning of June 4, I came to Binyang County and walked all the way from Xinqiao Town along the 028 county-level highway to Silong. I found that dozens of paper mills, large and small, were built on both sides of the highway of more than 10 kilometers. According to the villagers, these paper mills are basically manual workshops. Most of the owners of the paper mills are outsiders. The age of the mills is about 10 years, and most of them are paper mills that fail to meet the standard after the ring springs are produced. Among these paper mills, some have been closed, but others are building large-scale expansion plants

structure principle near tankyao Village: on both sides of the highway where nj-s series change experimental machine adopts servo control system, waste paper and garbage can be seen everywhere, smelling. A stream near the highway is muddy. Huang, a villager of tankyao village, told that some manufacturers secretly discharged papermaking waste liquid when it rained heavily. Villagers said that in the past, when these paper mills produced, it was dusty on sunny days. In the rainy season, the river flowing through the village was also red. Due to the pollution of the paper mill for many years, the groundwater in the village has been polluted. At present, the water from the well in front of his house can't be drunk at all, so he can only go to the mountain to pick up spring water to drink

Last year, hundreds of

Binyang County Environmental Protection Bureau office director Ding Bo said that at the end of 2007, the Bureau jointly with several departments, in accordance with the requirements of the "Nanning waste paper and paper enterprise environmental protection and renovation acceptance code", more than 100 paper-making enterprises with an annual output of less than 10000 tons and using waste paper as raw materials in Binyang were shut down for renovation, but only a few months, some manufacturers secretly resumed production. In the case of unrepentant education by the relevant departments, the relevant departments had to cut off the high-voltage lines of these manufacturers and use the administrative method of power failure to stop their production

Mr. Wu, an insider, said that after these paper mills were cut off high-voltage lines, some manufacturers shut down by themselves, and some manufacturers decided to expand their plants and buy machines, hoping to resume production by reaching the production standard

some paper mills took risks in desperation

near Xinqiao Town, I saw four paper mills expanding their plants on both sides of the county road less than 1 km long. Enter a paper mill as a customer

boss, when will it be available? He said he urgently needed a batch of firecracker paper and asked the owner of the paper factory about the truth

wait another half month. The boss replied

the boss told that according to the requirements of the government, the annual output would reach more than 10000 tons, and he could only put into trial production after purchasing certain environmental protection equipment. At present, he is expanding the plant, and then buying two more machines. The person in charge of a plastic bag production enterprise in Tongcheng told that with some basic environmental protection facilities installed, he can resume work

the owner of another paper mill under expansion said that he could not start work because there was no electricity that day, and he could expand while producing in a few days. He also promised to deliver on time

Mr. Wu, an insider, revealed that some waste paper and thick paper shells purchased by these small handicraft workshops mainly produce firecracker paper and some inferior toilet paper, which are often in short supply. Seeing that it is profitable, some manufacturers take risks

in an interview with the front line of 028 County Road, many villagers said that they saw some paper mills operating trial production, and some manufacturers expanded their scale and asked for trial production. They were very worried about the resurgence of these closed paper mills

there is a threshold for resuming production

in this regard, relevant people from Nanning Environmental Protection Bureau and Binyang County Environmental Protection Bureau said that the villagers need not worry. Among these closed manufacturers, it is not easy to resume production. Even the enterprises currently in trial production will continue to shut down if the overall acceptance fails to meet the acceptance specifications for environmental protection and renovation of Nanning waste paper and paper enterprises

the environmental protection department learned that in order to resume production in these closed paper mills, in terms of procedures, it is first necessary to achieve an annual output of 10000 tons, purchase certain environmental protection equipment, and then apply to the local government for trial production. After the three-month trial production period, Nanning Environmental Protection Bureau will conduct a comprehensive acceptance according to the "Nanning waste paper and paper enterprise environmental protection and renovation acceptance code", and production can be resumed only after passing the acceptance. Among the more than 100 paper-making enterprises that have been shut down at present, only 13 enterprises have reached the preliminary requirements after rectification and then carried out trial production. However, three months later, they still need to go through a series of procedures such as environmental impact assessment, local government planning opinions and acceptance of Nanning environmental protection Bureau. If they can pass, they can continue production

a person in charge of Nanning Environmental Protection Bureau calculated an account. Generally speaking, the investment price of environmental protection facilities needs to account for 30% of the total investment. A paper mill with an annual output of 10000 tons needs a cost of 10000 tons per year, which is by no means affordable for a manual workshop enterprise. Even if the 13 enterprises that have passed the preliminary requirements and can resume production and trial operation at present, they have only one chance, and the unqualified enterprises will be eliminated. The paper mills that have been closed and revived should be demolished immediately, and the relevant personnel should be investigated

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