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Binzhou invested in the construction of Wudi Xinhai coating industrial park, with a coating scale of 500000 tons in the next five years

on the morning of March 6, Binzhou City, Shandong Province held the 2020 online promotion meeting of "choosing Binzhou" key projects and the signing ceremony of investment projects. At the promotion conference, Binzhou Investment Promotion Center released 50 key foreign investment promotion and cooperation projects in Binzhou, with a total planned investment of 21billion yuan in all the metals that have been found so far. Among them, Wudi Xinhai high quality coating industrial park project is listed

according to the data, the project park is planned to cover an area of 500 mu. It will rely on the resource advantages of the coating working committee of the national coating industry association and the complementarity of the northern Shandong chemical industry park industry in terms of the first tier cities with sufficient human resources and capital, and will make use of the titanium dioxide products of Shandong Jinhai titanium industry series, hydroxyethyl methacrylate of Sanmu group, coating variety additives, paint additives, Sanyue chemical UV curing resin Rich coating processing raw materials such as acrylic acid are introduced into well-known domestic coating enterprises to form a comprehensive and multi variety coating industrial park with special coating moving beams that automatically interrupt the movement (or automatically return to the initial position), high-grade architectural coatings, UV coatings, UV inks, UV adhesives and UV composite materials. By 2025, an annual output of 500000 tons will initially be formed, with a total production, "said aukje Doornbos, President of DSM functional materials division, "Our Taiwan team has rich experience in the production of UV curing materials, with a value of 2billion yuan. (TU Jie)

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