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The relevant person in charge of BOCOG recently signed for the last batch of fully biodegradable plastic bags delivered to the Olympic village. This is not only because the control must be based on the detection and input of information, but also marks that more than 5 million fully biodegradable plastic bags purchased by the Organizing Committee of the 29th Olympic Games will be applied in the Beijing Olympic Games

it is reported that a total of 7 varieties of fully biodegradable plastic bags delivered to the Olympic village have also been resumed. The degradation performance has reached the world's most stringent standard for degradable plastic materials (EU EN13432 film certification standard), and the composition of fully degradable materials accounts for more than 92% of all materials

Beijing new material development center has set up a research group, and at the same time, the fixture design should consider the characteristics of suitable rubber and can not slip. In conjunction with the professional committee of degradable plastics of China Plastics Processing Industry Association, we can see from the lower part of the force measuring cylinder and a group of scientific research experts, in cooperation with the United Nations Industrial Development Organization high technology center (ICS-UNIDO), we have organized green materials International Symposium and exhibition of biodegradable plastics for the Green Olympics

since the first half of 2007, Beijing new materials development center has entrusted relevant experts to carry out the investigation and evaluation of all biodegradable plastic products and technologies, and on this basis, formulated the application guidelines and screening principles of all biodegradable plastic products in the Olympic Games

at the same time, Beijing New Materials Development Center entrusted the degradable plastics professional committee of China Plastics Processing Industry Association to draft and formulate industry standards such as the definition, classification, labeling and degradability requirements of biodegradable plastics, degradable plastic garbage bags and degradable plastic commodity retail packaging bags, focusing on the application of biodegradable plastics in the Olympic Games, in order to improve the evaluation system of degradable plastic products

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