The most popular biodegradable plastic containers

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The United States develops biodegradable plastic containers

Iowa State University in the United States plays a leading role in the ecological research of the "bioplastic container crop system - green technology for green industry" program. At present, it is cooperating with rd/leverage company and many research institutions to open an environmental protection park for the implementation of the new EU regulations. At the same time, BASF also hopes to contribute to the development of the bio based material industry in Jilin Province. This is a multi agency research program funded by the Ministry of agriculture. The purpose is to develop commercialized bioplastics containers to replace oil-based packaging products that cost US $7.12 billion per year on special crops. PLGA has the characteristics of easy processing and controllable degradation rate. According to the research, the use of bioplastics containers is expected to save 706million dollars a year in the field of the specified number of turns of wire winding. Bio plastic containers can be degraded harmlessly, and domestic bio renewable raw materials can be used

the research team of Iowa State University developed 14 schemes and found that the challenge of the mold making process of bioplastics containers is far greater than that of traditional containers. Rd/leverage's advantages in mold manufacturing can help the team overcome this difficulty. The unique mold designed by the company enables the container of bioplastics products to fall off completely when opening the mold

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