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Xiyue smart hotel and uiot smart home jointly build a boutique business hotel with the theme of "wisdom". All hotels are smart rooms of the Internet of things

here -

there are smart starry dream, Europa, Mediterranean and music theme rooms

there is a chess and card entertainment room, which integrates the reception hall of the coffee shop

so that you get the warmth and comfort like home.

after reading the pictures, are you very excited?

this cool and technologically full hotel is called Xiyue smart hotel, located in Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia

Xiyue smart hotel and uiot smart home jointly build a boutique business hotel with the theme of "wisdom". All hotels are smart rooms of the Internet of things

the Internet of things is highly integrated with hotel hardware facilities and services to provide guests with high-tech, intelligent and high-grade services

about smart hotel

smart hotel refers to that the hotel has a perfect intelligent system, realizes the hotel digital information service technology through digitization and networking, and has the application of hotel lighting control system and hotel air conditioning control system

smart hotel not only breaks the industry model of traditional hotels, but also has constant surprises in user experience

what is smart hotel like? Xiaobian takes you to experience

online reservation

Xiyue smart hotel supports OTA reservations such as Ctrip, eLong, meituan, etc. you can not only make reservations through wechat and the hotel's official website, but also realize room selection, reservation and payment functions through the smart Hotel app

smart door lock of mobile phone

there is no need to queue up anxiously to check in, and there is no need to get a room card. You can open the door remotely with your mobile phone and enter the room directly

intelligent room control

when you open the door, the romantic lights automatically open and the curtains automatically close, creating a warm nest. When you open the door, you can surprise your beloved

atmosphere rendering, feel at home

warm scene music playing, soft music with slowly pressed lights, enter the harbor of love, giving you different enjoyment of body and mind

scene one key control

sleep scene one key execution, regardless of which switch corresponds to which light to turn off

smart cinema

one click movie viewing mode, bid farewell to the cumbersome remote control, and all functions are concentrated on the page of the mobile app

humanized scene design

a variety of DIY convenient life scenes, one click to create a comfortable check-in experience, you can set exclusive scenes according to your personal preferences, and I decide my room

after seeing so many DIY themed rooms, is it exciting ~

uiot smart home uses cutting-edge technology to drive the transformation and upgrading of the hotel industry, create a new hotel experience, stride in the direction of smart hotel, and let smart technology create a better life

uiot smart technology

make human life better

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