Installation method of sound-absorbing gypsum boar

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The installation method of sound-absorbing gypsum board is durable. The product is anti-aging, durable, mould proof and moth proof. 7. Light weight, high strength, excellent material rigidity and mechanical resistance, light weight, high strength, good toughness, easy to handle and construct

installation method of sound-absorbing gypsum board machine room

1. Green environmental protection products are 100% free of explosion-proof, formaldehyde, benzene and other substances harmful to human body, and have no radioactivity. They have passed the international authoritative certification of China's environmental labeling products

2. Fire prevention conforms to gb8624-1997a non combustible grade. In case of fire, it will not burn, and its smoke index and toxicity index are zero

3. The moisture-proof board can maintain good physical properties in a humid environment and get rid of the trouble of traditional board deformation caused by moisture

4. Different aperture and perforation rate can be selected for sound absorption to meet the requirements of high, medium, low frequency and broadband sound absorption

Huajiang ceiling. The glass fiber as the base material is an inorganic material, which does not absorb water. At the same time, all of them are waterproof, and will not absorb water or moisture due to pores, nor will they condense. In other words, the ceiling can definitely be installed in places that are extremely humid and have no cooling and heating air-conditioning systems, such as swimming pools, kitchens, bathrooms and other humid places

the ceiling was tested at the national glass fiber product quality supervision and inspection center, and the moisture deflection (40 ℃, rh90%) was only 0.2, far lower than the 1.0 specified in the test standard (the standard of mineral wool ceiling is lower than 3.5). It is proved that even if it is permanently in a high temperature and extremely humid environment, it still achieves 100% absolute moisture-proof effect, and the ceiling will not deform, twist or curl, meeting the highest requirements for moisture-proof

applicable places:

hotel lobby, restaurant, office, conference room, school, kindergarten

hospital, clinic, gallery, exhibition hall, recording studio

concert hall, lecture hall, opera house

film and television hall, coffee shop, car 4S shop

residential living room, study, restaurant, nursery

hole type: 3x3 micro square hole, micro circular hole 6mm Round hole type, 8mm Round hole type, 10mm Round hole type, square hole type, 12mm Round hole type Square hole type 15mm round hole





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