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Why did the decoration guerrillas become the "sweet pastry" in the eyes of ordinary people when they were sneered at by the industry? Will you choose guerrilla decoration for decoration? See if these reasons also make you moved? 1. Cheap price: I believe that price is the main reason for guerrillas to win the market. It is understood that the price of choosing guerrillas is basically about 30 lower than that of decoration companies

2. Direct effect: many guerrillas have a good reputation. These decoration guerrillas who live in the community will take a project as a model room, and the decoration quality is indeed excellent. The owner can visit the community directly, and the on-site effect is also more direct than the effect drawing

3. Equal treatment: another advantage of guerrillas is that they are not picky. No matter how simple the decoration work is, others will do it for you

4. Whole process service: the designers of regular decoration companies seldom go to the construction site after they come up with the decoration plan, while the home decoration guerrillas stay the same and have no psychological gap

5. Random payment: most of the home decoration guerrillas have no formal contract, so they don't need to be bound by the contract. For the payment method, the formal contract can't provide the owner with a variety of ways to choose, which is also one of the reasons why the guerrillas win

6. Freedom of change: because there is no restriction of drawings, choosing guerrillas means that you will be a designer yourself. The home decoration guerrillas will give you enough creative freedom and give you the satisfaction of being a designer yourself. Once there is a problem, directly talk to the workers and change it immediately

Huquan "strategy": Although the home decoration guerrillas seem to have various preferences, their usual tricks will still be full of holes in the decoration, and the result will naturally make people regret. Look at the following cases, maybe you will make your own judgment on how to choose the decoration team

sun erniang opened a shop - refueling

Ms. Li's house is 78 square meters. After the decoration company has made a budget, it can't be reduced to less than 20000 yuan. Later, the guerrillas did it, and there were more balcony tiling projects than the decoration company. After calculation, 15000 yuan was saved, 25. However, the refueling phenomenon was serious. In addition, the guerrillas did not use the nails bought by Ms. Li, and were confiscated by the guerrillas after the construction

comments: stealing refueling is the easiest trick for the guerrillas to use, and low price is also a magic weapon for the game team to win the contract project. However, the material cost, labor cost, management cost and other expenses of home decoration project have almost been transparent, and the low price of the guerrillas can be imagined where to save

swallow Li San - Kailiu

Miss Zhang's house hired guerrillas in the community. She had seen the neighbor's project, and the quality was good. Unfortunately, Miss Zhang's house was half decorated, and the guerrillas quietly changed places to fight guerrillas, and there was no news from then on. Not only the materials on the construction site were swept away, but also the 5000 yuan prepaid by Miss Zhang

comments: freedom to come and go is also a terrible thing for the guerrillas. There is no fixed office space, which is also one of the important characteristics of the guerrillas. The low decoration price may also be related to the fact that there is no need to pay rent, no need to pay market certification fees, and no need to pay taxes to the tax department. The price is low, but you should pay attention to the mood of workers every day and whether there are signs of sneaking away. In addition, you should fight wisely and bravely. Once there is a complaint about such a project, it can't be solved anywhere, because the construction party can't be found at all

bin Laden - stationed

Ms. Tian bought a house of more than 150 square meters and found an affiliated company to decorate it. Due to the unfavorable contract agreement, 13 people in the construction team lived in the new house for two months. After passing the expert on-site quality inspection, more than 40 quality problems were found, and then the construction team was instructed to rectify within a time limit and move out of the new house immediately. Otherwise, the charge was 200 yuan per day, while the original contract agreed to delay the construction period of 26 yuan per day, The foreman said privately, "it's much cheaper than renting a house outside"

comment: This is something we often encounter in the complaint department, which is quite polite. Some even pick up their children, wives and villagers, especially in the new community. It's serious. They regard your home as their permanent residence, and then undertake other projects in the community. When other people's homes are completed, your home is not finished, because they still have to live

modern Yang Bailao - reasonable

Mr. Zhao is not less angry with the construction team. When the foreman meets, he will ask for the material payment. If the foreman is reasonable, then give it. In fact, there is no way. If you don't give it, the worker will stop working. Anyway, people are not in a hurry to move in

comments: the guerrillas do not sign a formal contract with the customer. The customer has no way to know when to pay what money, when to construct and where to go. They can only listen to what the foreman says. Who told you to be anxious

choose your own choice and pay your own bills: in view of the current situation of many small enterprises in the home decoration industry, the home decoration Committee of the Municipal Building Decoration Association launched the "management measures for market access and clearance of the home decoration industry" in 2004. When choosing a decoration company, consumers can check his business license, qualification certificate, and his "home decoration industry access certificate". These companies are all qualified for home decoration after strict inspection by the Municipal Construction Commission and the municipal decoration Association. Zhu Xibin, chairman of the Building Decoration Association, also pointed out that choosing guerrillas is also an illegal act, and problems are not protected by law, so owners have responsibilities and obligations in regulating the home decoration industry

for home decoration, don't just try to make a small profit for a while. Once there is a problem, you will be too late to regret, and let yourself be damaged in economy and energy. Therefore, the industry should learn to consume rationally and avoid risks in the existing environment. Only by relying on the strength of consumers in the city and consciously choosing regular companies when choosing decoration companies, can the road guerrillas lose the market, be phased out, and protect consumers' own interests more effectively




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