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There is a saying of "golden nine and silver ten" in the construction industry. In this golden September, Mingzhu held a grand training conference with the title of "the first sales elite training of Mingzhu Chuangzhan doors and windows"

there is a saying of "nine gold and ten silver" in the construction industry. In this golden September, Mingzhu held a training conference with the title of "the first sales elite training of Mingzhu Chuangzhan doors and windows". Learning is an investment project with low risk and the highest rate of return. With its keen vision, Mingzhu people have always believed that on the road of brand development, only through continuous learning and progress can enterprises become bigger and stronger. The training conference lasted three days and four nights, and the interesting learning trip from September 10 to 13 was a complete success. This is also the first show of the Pearl training system, dedicated to serving partners

the company's leaders gave lectures in person and the atmosphere was lively

in the morning, the students set out from the blessing hotel with the luxury bus arranged by the company, and came to the Pearl creation and Exhibition door and window headquarters located in Shishan Shibei industrial zone to visit the Pearl Industrial Park. Under the leadership of manager Xiao of the marketing department, he entered the pearl production workshop in an orderly manner and visited the production line closely. Let the students know the production process and strengthen their confidence in the development of the company's brand. Then, return to the conference room. Chairman Huang delivered a welcome speech for the students with the opening words of "there is a pearl in your heart, you are a pearl". Mr. Huang introduced his growth process and shared his views on learning. Learning should have a positive attitude and goals, with which we can find inspiration and simple laws, so as to continue to grow and make progress. With today's poor economy and fierce competition in the market, only by studying hard can we create our own wealth

team is the core wealth of a group. Under the leadership of general manager ou, the marketing director, the brand-new operation team of Mingzhu Chuangzhan doors and windows shines. This new team, including sales elites and technical backbones, has many years of practical experience in the industry. This professional team is believed to enable Mingzhu and its partners to truly achieve win-win cooperation

in the afternoon, manager Xiao of our marketing department will continue to introduce in detail the sunshine room, heavy sliding door, sliding door, swing door, aluminum alloy window of pearl, the selection of each profile, the collocation of glass and lock, and the advantages and disadvantages of each. The students also brought the usual technical problems to the classroom for discussion, and the atmosphere was very active

I am the strongest in Pearl exhibition creation, and the more I work hard, the more brilliant I will be.

the training content is quite rich. Led by Pearl marketing department and R & D department, all major departments have jointly created a set of training system specifically for pearl people. Considering the needs of practical application, the teaching plan is scientifically and reasonably from the basic knowledge of products, product introduction, design principles, design aesthetics, and finally to the active marketing methods and skills, and the management of terminal stores. Then, the professional tutors of Pearl headquarters will teach by example, face-to-face and point-to-point. This is the first self-made and self-directed training course in the door and window industry, which also laid a solid foundation for the whole training system of Pearl creation and exhibition. The students also deeply felt that the Pearl training system was strong and doubled the confidence of the future development of the Pearl brand

this training gathered more than 130 elite students from franchised stores all over the country. If the large conference room was lively, the students were energetic, seriously and actively participated in learning, and the classroom was extremely active. Such success cannot be achieved without the joint efforts of all members of the Pearl family. Students have said that working together in such a strong team in the Pearl will grow rapidly and find their own career pearl

grow in learning and practice in growth. Through these few days of rare learning opportunities, the growth of students is obvious to all. From their modest learning and active participation and interaction, we can see the advantages of Mingzhu people's willingness to learn, apply what they have learned, and take practical actions to achieve "Mingzhu is the strongest in creating and developing, and the more we work hard, the more brilliant" to create a brilliant tomorrow





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