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Product "quality" has become the word most mentioned in the industry. The quality life of consumption in the new era is a way of life that understands enjoyment. The consumer market, from the initial daily necessities, oil and salt, to safety and security, and now to the pursuit of quality life, the manufacturing industry has transitioned to quality production

in industries with differentiation, personalization and quality. As a well-known brand in the kitchen appliance industry, the development direction of Cohen kitchen appliances in recent years not only directly hits the pain points of the consumer market, the continuous listing of integrated kitchen appliances, the comprehensive channel rectification work, and the large-scale investment in technology research and development, all of which mark the direction of Cohen appliances towards the "quality" brand, and strive to enable more consumers to experience the better life enjoyment brought by Cohen integrated kitchen appliances

follow the trend and get twice the result with half the effort. To this end, Cohen kitchen appliances continues to innovate products and upgrade the brand: the new integrated stove D22 (steamer), Cohen's first integrated stove with a steamer, and has added innovative technologies such as the current perfect hot emulsion automatic cleaning function in the industry, intelligent linkage design of smoke stoves, and electronic induction firewall technology. "Stir fried king" 8650 is specially born for Chinese family stir fried; "Small steel gun" kn57 has sufficient energy-saving firepower; Kn-102 "mobile water bar" is a high-end water dispenser with "no safety hazards, no space, no water source restrictions, and no wastewater discharge", which is more healthy drinking water; Jsq23-12kn27 gas water heater makes bathing more comfortable. Cohen appliance is not only a product innovation, but also a feeling. Every research and development is only for the pursuit of higher quality

quality casts Cohen, witnessing the development and growth of the enterprise. Cohen focuses on a new era of kitchen appliances in the future, and is a leader in the industry's technology





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