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Three dimensional anti-counterfeiting packaging box

ll three-dimensional packaging box, anti-counterfeiting packaging box.................... What kind of packaging form is 3D anti-counterfeiting packaging? What new technologies are used in printing? The three-dimensional effect of three-dimensional stereoscopic image printing is mainly reflected in the Striped sheet. Using the optical imaging principle of eyes and striped sheet, the naked eye can see the three-dimensional image, and put the required cylinder into the groove for image. In addition to full-color rendering and three-dimensional rendering, the anti-counterfeiting pattern itself is active, and the pattern will move at different angles. Therefore, no matter taking photos, scanning, photocopying, etc., can be copied, Other patterns that attract customers' attention from 3D stereoscopic extension, such as stereoscopic painting, two changes, three changes, animation, rainbow, explosion, rotation, scaling and other difficult to imitate technologies, are not only difficult to prevent, but also can clearly identify the authenticity with the naked eye. With the special production method and the pattern sheet with grating, we can create three-dimensional effects with different depths and the watermark effect can not achieve the anti-counterfeiting effect. This printing method can be widely used in the three-dimensional anti-counterfeiting outer packaging of wine, tobacco and general commodities, as well as stationery, calendar, advertising, posters, various cards, elevators and other fields

three dimensional tickets, three-dimensional picture books, three-dimensional business cards, three-dimensional greeting cards, three-dimensional clothing tags, three-dimensional anti-counterfeiting trademarks, animation, three-dimensional cards, three-dimensional refrigerator stickers, three-dimensional wine boxes, cigarette boxes, handicraft boxes and other packaging. Every three-dimensional product contains unlimited business opportunities. Therefore, the output value of grating materials consumed by each industry can reach hundreds of millions of yuan

the emergence of stereoscopic painting technology has once again improved China's theory and technology in the field of polymer micromachining after color replaced black and white in the field of images. 4. The fixtures equipped with zigzag experimental machines should be coated with anti rust oil for storage; The horizontal technological revolution is also the future trend of the development of the image industry. Mastering the stereoscopic painting production technology is the golden key to the development of the image industry. The stereoscopic image industry is the gold industry in the 21st century. It is praised by experts as the cradle of time and money

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