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The "three-day tax rebate" has become a "timely rain" for enterprise development. China Iron and Steel News export tax rebate refers to a measure to refund part or all of the domestic tax levied on export commodities to exporters. It is also a common international practice. With the increasingly fierce inter regional trade competition, the speed of export tax rebate has become an important factor for investment and traders to evaluate the port investment environment

mengminghua, deputy manager of the Finance Department of Ningbo Shenzhou weaving group, told the author: "Shenzhou company has a short production cycle. It usually takes about 20 days from placing an order to shipping and exporting. It also has a large export volume and a large capital occupation. Last year, the loan reached more than 400million yuan. This business feature must be fast tax rebate and quick capital turnover. If the tax rebate month is early, it can generate 10million yuan of profits. On the contrary, if the tax rebate month is late, it may reduce 10million yuan of profits."

as the largest port customs in Zhejiang, how to innovate and make breakthroughs has become an important issue for Ningbo Beilun customs. To this end, Ningbo Beilun customs boldly reformed, with the goal of "building a first-class port customs in an all-round way", with high standards and strict requirements, and took the lead in making a commitment to the society of "three-day export tax rebate", and solemnly promised to the society that "the customs will handle the issuance of export tax rebate certificate within three days after receiving the clean manifest", which is 3.3 days faster than the "five-day tax rebate" requirement stipulated by the State Administration of Taxation and the General Administration of customs, and the tax rebate rate ranks first in the country, It is called "timely rain" by the corporate image. Yuximing, director of the office of Ningbo Shenzhou weaving group, happily told the author that with the full support of Ningbo Beilun customs, Shenzhou company has won valuable time in the international market. For three consecutive years, the company has ranked first in the national knitted garment industry in terms of sales revenue, total profits and taxes, and total profits. 7. The driven needle is blocked or shifted; I

as an extension of the commitment to "three-day tax rebate", Ningbo Beilun customs has also developed a "daily clearing of declaration forms for goods in the inner branch line": once receiving the verification information of manifest transmitted from the Customs at the place of departure of goods, it is guaranteed to complete the tax rebate procedures within one day, and ensure that the tax rebate for goods exported from different customs areas can be verified and cancelled in a timely manner, which has changed the long-term lag in the export tax rebate for goods transferred from customs areas across Ningbo customs, It has greatly enhanced the attraction of Ningbo port. The goods exported from Wenzhou, Jinhua, Shaoxing, Xiaoshan and other ports have turned to Ningbo port, further expanding the hinterland of Ningbo port. (Jiang Yun)

Ningbo Beilun customs has made every effort to promote the "one-stop" service of customs clearance at the port.

"now the one-stop service of customs clearance is really convenient. All procedures can be basically completed at the port clearance center!" Xiao Tong, the customs broker, told the author that today she completed the customs clearance procedures for 5 cargoes and 93 containers for the customer in only 5 minutes at the Ningbo port customs clearance center

it is understood that since Ningbo Beilun customs entered the Ningbo port customs clearance center in october2004, the Customs has continuously strengthened business reform, optimized services, and cooperated with relevant port units to fully support the rapid development of the port and regional economy with the goal of building an international advanced port. Over the past three years, Ningbo Beilun customs alone has completed the supervision of import and export goods worth 155.1 billion US dollars in Ningbo harbor port customs clearance center, with an annual growth rate of 33.04%, including 101 billion US dollars for exports and 54.1 billion US dollars for imports, with an annual growth rate of 43.63% and 18.45% respectively. Penghaixiong, director of Ningbo Beilun customs, told the author that "the customs clearance at the port is like a moving train. As an important part of the customs clearance, only by constantly self pressurizing, improving the speed of customs clearance, and enhancing the initiative and flexibility of service, can the customs be competent as a 'booster' to ensure the high-speed operation of the whole train."

according to Wang Jixiang, director of Ningbo Beilun customs, at present, Ningbo Beilun customs has also launched "three-day tax rebate", a "fast track" for import and export goods, weekend overtime for export goods clearance, overtime for import goods clearance appointment, release of normal export goods on the same day and "365.24.1" for ship attendance, that is, 365 days without absence, 24 hours of appointment overtime 1-hour customs clearance and other service commitments, and pay equal attention to the combination of internal management and external social supervision to ensure that all external commitments are implemented in place and services are delivered. On the premise of strictly abiding by the country's gate, it has provided import and export enterprises with "convenient, efficient, smooth, standardized and high-quality" services as much as possible, which has improved the customs clearance efficiency of Ningbo port and added to the development of Ningbo port's foreign trade. " (Jiang Yun)

the import of liquefied goods at Ningbo Port exceeded US $6billion

according to the statistics of Ningbo customs, the cumulative import of liquefied goods at Ningbo port in June was 5.546 million tons, worth US $6.08 billion, an increase of 13.8% and 28.9% respectively year-on-year. The average import price reached US $1096/ton, an increase of 13.2% year-on-year. The import of liquefied products at Ningbo Port mainly shows the following characteristics: from the perspective of trade mode, it mainly imports general trade, with a total import of 4.665 million tons, an increase of 8.6%, accounting for 84.1% of the total import volume; From the perspective of major origin, it is mainly imported from South Korea (1.589 million tons, an increase of 20%, the same below), Taiwan (914000 tons, 12%), Saudi Arabia (707000 tons, -12.2%), Japan (669000 tons, 43.3%), etc., accounting for 69.9% of the total import. Affected by the rising international oil prices, and the rapid development of downstream industries such as chemical industry and textile industry in Ningbo and its surrounding areas, which will also significantly affect the mechanical tolerance zone of screws, are the main reasons for the simultaneous increase in the import volume and price of liquefied products at Ningbo port. (Luo Lin)

the statement of payment in foreign exchange is no longer a necessary document for customs declaration

recently, the on-site document reviewers of Ningbo customs found that many enterprises continue to provide the statement of import letter of credit, collection acceptance/payment in foreign exchange (hereinafter referred to as the statement of payment in foreign exchange) when declaring the import of marine goods paid in foreign exchange by letter of credit and collection acceptance (hereinafter referred to as the statement of payment in foreign exchange). Some enterprises also issued a letter of guarantee to the customs because they could not provide it in time during customs declaration, Finally, due to the failure to timely underwriting within the validity period, the insurance was suspended and points were deducted

in order to strengthen the customs' price review in the process of customs clearance and crack down on the illegal acts of price deception, the state has, since June 1, 2003, tried to provide the customs with the "statement of payment in foreign exchange" settled in the form of import letter of credit and collection by the designated foreign exchange banks for the maritime import goods that are paid in foreign exchange by means of letter of credit and collection, which shall be submitted by the enterprises to the Customs at the time of declaration, and established an investigation system to prevent price deception in the process of customs clearance

in the past four years since the establishment of the system, it has played a positive role in jointly combating smuggling, foreign exchange evasion and fraud, and achieved good results, but to a certain extent σ S (PA) said that it also increased the burden on banks and enterprises, and increased the cost of customs clearance. With the continuous progress of the reform of the national foreign exchange management system, in order to simplify the customs clearance procedures, reduce the customs clearance costs of enterprises, and promote the reform process of customs clearance operations, the customs no longer requires enterprises to submit the foreign exchange payment form when declaring

here, Ningbo Customs reminds import enterprises: in addition to truthfully and accurately declaring the imported goods and applying for the necessary supervision certificates for customs declaration in advance, it is also necessary to make full efforts in learning the latest national policies to enjoy the convenience of customs clearance and reduce the cost of customs clearance. (zhoulanlan)

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