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Three major tasks, five measures and six major projects were supported yesterday, the executive meeting of the State Council deliberated and approved in principle the plan for the adjustment and revitalization of the electronic information industry. The meeting held that the electronic information industry is a strategic, basic and leading pillar industry of the national economy. In the current situation of sharp decline in international market demand and in-depth adjustment of the global electronic information industry, to revitalize China's electronic information industry, we must strengthen independent innovation, improve the industrial development environment, accelerate the integration of informatization and industrialization, strive to drive technological breakthroughs with major projects, and promote industrial development with new applications

three tasks and five measures

the conference identified three key tasks for the industry in the next three years: 3. Adhere to putting the quality and efficiency of development in the first place. First, improve the industrial system, ensure the stable growth of backbone industries, focus on enhancing the competitiveness of the computer industry, accelerate the upgrading of electronic components and devices, and promote the digital transformation of the audio-visual industry. Second, based on independent innovation, break through key technologies, focus on establishing an independent and controllable integrated circuit industry system, break through the bottleneck of the development of the new display industry, and improve the independent development capacity of the software industry. Third, with the development of application, vigorously promote business innovation and service model innovation, strengthen the application of information technology in various fields of economy and society, and focus on cultivating new growth points in the fields of communication equipment, information service and information technology application

in order to achieve the above objectives, the five policies and measures issued in cooperation include: first, we should implement the drive of domestic demand and expand the application of electronic information products and industrial development space. Second, we should increase investment, focus on the implementation of six major projects: integrated circuit upgrading, transformation of the new display and color TV industry, new leaps in the third-generation mobile communication industry, promotion of digital television, computer upgrading and cultivation of next-generation Internet applications, software and information services, and encourage and guide social funds to invest in the electronic information industry. Third, we should strengthen the building of independent innovation capacity. Accelerate the implementation of major national science and technology projects, support the merger and reorganization of advantageous enterprises, and improve the public technology service platform. Fourth, we should promote the development of service outsourcing and support enterprises to "go global" to establish R & D, production bases and marketing networks. Fifth, we should strengthen policy support. We will strengthen the implementation of policies to encourage the development of the software and integrated circuit industries. Implement the digital TV industry policy and promote the "three integration". Adjust the identification catalogue and standards for high-tech enterprises. We will continue to maintain export tax rebates for electronic information products and give further play to the supporting role of export credit and credit insurance. We will expand the pilot of collective bond issuance by small and medium-sized enterprises

pay attention to the six sub industries

the revitalization plan proposes to increase investment and concentrate on the implementation of the six projects, which covers almost all important areas of the electronic information industry. Based on the research reports of Rixin securities, Shenyin Wanguo, China Merchants Securities, CICC, zhiduoying investment and other institutions, we find that the listed companies in the following six related industries will benefit directly from it

I. support the upgrading of integrated circuit industry. At present, led2. accuracy grade: grade 0.5 is applied in landscape lighting (43%), display, etc. because it saves more than 60% of power than traditional electric lamps, the government gives subsidies to such high-efficiency lighting products to promote the development of the industry. Therefore, listed companies in the LED industry with LED extension and chip manufacturing capabilities deserve attention, such as San'an optoelectronics, Shilan micro, Fangda, Lianchuang optoelectronics, Tongfang shares, etc. At the same time, China microelectronics and Changdian technology, which have strong product upgrading ability, can also pay close attention to their trends. The former is the leading enterprise of domestic power devices, and the latter is the leading domestic packaging technology

II. Support the transformation of new display and color TV industry. Compared with the 11th five year plan, the position of the graphic display industry in this revitalization plan has been greatly improved. In the 11th five year plan, the flat panel display industry is only discussed as a part of the component industry. In this revitalization plan, the flat panel display industry has become one of the core industries and is separately listed as one of the six major projects. At the same time, new display device enterprises have been included in the category of high-tech enterprises. Because it is connected with the transformation of the color TV industry which is of great significance, the support direction of the plane display industry is also more clear this time, mainly large-size panels. Therefore, the development prospects of BOE, Han's laser, radio and television electronics, Laibao high tech and other companies should not be underestimated

three requires two instruments of the same model, and it is expensive to improve the new leap of the third generation mobile communication industry. Due to the large demand for supporting optical fiber of mobile network, there is a short-term gap in optical fiber production capacity and demand. Therefore, the first round of quotation of centralized procurement by operators this year even saw a joint price increase of more than 10%, which is expected to promote the commercial performance and share price of optical fiber cable factories in the year. Thirdly, the government will increase financial investment, and the new funds will be inclined to the electronic information industry. It will guide the investment of social resources in various ways, such as loan interest discount, R & D and industrialization subsidies, government procurement and capital injection, which is expected to enable listed companies in the industry to obtain more government subsidies. ZTE, Fiberhome, Zhongtian Technology, Hengtong optoelectronics, Yuanwang Valley, Gaohong shares, St Datang and other listed companies are facing new development opportunities

IV. promotion and application of digital TV and construction of industrial chain. In the short term, the state may directly support the technology R & D projects of leading color TV enterprises and the construction of screen and module production lines in terms of Finance and taxation; In the long run, the upstream supporting industries will get greater development, which will play a good role in reducing the cost of complete machine enterprises and domestic brands against foreign brands. The construction of a comprehensive digital TV content service system (platform) based on independent audio and video standards and the establishment of a national digital TV application engineering center will not only rejuvenate Sichuan Changhong, shenkangjia, Hisense and other traditional household appliance enterprises, but also provide huge development space for Daheng technology, Bowen technology, Coship and other companies with core technologies

v. promoting computer and next-generation Internet applications will benefit listed companies such as Zhongtian Technology, Hengtong optoelectronics, Fiberhome communications, Inspur information, etc

VI. The Cultivation of software and information services, on the whole, will make the first mover advantages of Donghua co creation, UFIDA software, Neusoft group, China software, Hang Seng electronics, Qingdao soft control, Shiji information, Westone, Sichuan University Zhisheng, Qiming information, iFLYTEK and other companies more obvious

specifically, it supports the development of software outsourcing enterprises, and the beneficiary manufacturers include Neusoft group, China software international, Zhejiang Daxin and chinanews software. However, some institutions believe that most of the software outsourcing industries have enjoyed relatively favorable tax rates, and the possibility of further reduction is low. In addition, the supporting policies for relevant industries in this industry are not appropriate. Most of the preferential policies are based on electronic manufacturing enterprises, which makes the approval required by software enterprises in terms of mergers and acquisitions and expansion of production scale cumbersome, long process and low efficiency

at the same time, the plan puts forward the policy of "supporting the merger and reorganization of advantageous enterprises", encourages advantageous enterprises to integrate domestic resources, and supports "going global" to merge overseas enterprises with advanced technologies, core patents and talent teams. Dominant listed companies in the industry mainly include UFIDA software and Neusoft group

there is no doubt that the launch and implementation of the revitalization plan for the electronic information industry will play a positive role in the development of the electronic information industry. After the sharp decline of the market in the past two days, many stocks in the electronic information industry have been adjusted to a certain extent. It is believed that with the stimulus of favorable policies, the market will rekindle its investment enthusiasm for this huge group

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