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Three trees launched the 2021 building facade color trend report

three trees launched the 2021 building facade color trend report

January 6, 2021

the facade of the building represents the first impression of the project. As the saying goes, "people depend on clothes". The facade is the clothes of architectural design, and this "clothes" will determine the temperament of the whole building

sankeshu launched the 2021 building facade color trend report, which was jointly developed and prepared by Beijing Puyuan culture and Art Co., Ltd., a leading domestic color organization, and sankeshu. As the first report focusing on the color trend of building facades in China, this report comprehensively covers a number of bright colors from the new theme color peach green to the comfortable and quiet film green, as well as the interpretation of colors on different building facades, pointing out the direction for the color application of building facades in the coming year

building facade design is one of the most important links to create a complete building. It perfectly reflects the artistic and aesthetic value of the architectural form under the careful design of the architectural designer. 4. The fixture used for special samples (finished products and semi-finished products). Different building skins have their own different artistic expression and situational characteristics, and seek the artistic charm of different building skins

facade refers to the evolution law of decarburized structure morphology, the interface directly contacting the interior space, and the image and composition of the object. The building facades are all the external protection parts of the building except the roof. They are not only the name cards of the building, but also play an important role in energy conservation

post epidemic era, new materials, industrial production, ecological environment, fashion trend, cross-cultural aesthetics, lifestyle, we media era, tourism economy, Rural Revitalization... All aspects that affect the color of building facades, analyze their core characteristics and trends, deeply explore the essential relationship with color, summarize the basis for predicting the future color trend, all of which are closely related to the future building color, It will be displayed in the exterior color trends of three trees in 2021

2021 building facade color trend, three trees can naturally make correct judgments and choices in response to people's demands for poetry and distance. Taoqing is selected as the color theme color of 2021. Green gathers natural colors, builds an ideal and beautiful environment, and creates a Xanadu in the city. The distance and distance are at peace, the intensity is appropriate, the blank is far away, and the plain is long-lasting

at the same time, this year's color trend is that we return to people, take care of feelings and emotions, find value from the endless nature and interrelated neighborhood, find excellence and integration in cross-border fields, and explore the diversity through the complex times

2021 color trend summarizes three themes: reconstruction, collaboration and flash; Nine colors: Chunxi love (o41510), indifferent Zhiyuan (y83010), twilight whirling (y63030), lava ash (b05502), peach green (t04020), flame kiln red (o24020), slightly drunk purple (r44020), sunset (b05020) and film green (l04020), as the forward-looking color trends of building facades in the short, medium and long term in the future, in order to stimulate people's optimistic spirit and move forward again

2021 the color trend of the facade of the three trees' buildings is a new interpretation of colorful colors, a new building facade, a green building, a better life, so that people can find beauty and vitality in the "visible place", send a positive signal of hope and optimism to the public, and bloom life in hope and vision

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