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MVC based three-tier system design pattern

MVC based three-tier system design pattern

the system adopts based MVC three-tier system architecture, which divides the entire business application into: presentation layer (UI), data access layer (DAL) 5fh business logic layer (BLL) and separates the input, processing and process of an application in the way of model, view and controller, which is conducive to the development, maintenance, and Deploy outputs and extensions. The problem is divided into different parts to solve, which is easy to control, easy to keep the heat preservation time too long for extension, and easy to allocate resources. The system adopts the mechanism of defining a cluster of interfaces in the data access layer and the business logic layer respectively. The business logic layer does not rely on the specific data access layer, but only on the interface family of the data access layer. The presentation layer depends on the interface family of the business logic layer. Therefore, it is ensured that when the system changes the database management system, if the spring installed on the vehicle has not passed the strict test system, it is not necessary to rewrite the entire business logic layer, because there is no specific class in the data access layer in the business logic layer, but all of them are implemented through the interface

(1) indicates the layer. The presentation layer provides an interactive interface for users. In this system, it includes user login, personal information management, ideological education management, daily affairs management, interactive platform and other module interfaces. This layer is responsible for receiving commands, requests and data from the user side, verifying the data at the same time, transmitting the legal data to the business logic layer, and then displaying the results

(2) business layer. The business layer encapsulates the actual business logic, including data verification, transaction processing, permission processing and other business-related operations. It is the core of the entire application system

(3) business data access layer. The business data access layer is the data access interface required by the business layer, which completely depends on the services provided by the business data access layer. These services are responsible for receiving data from the business layer or returning to the business entity, such as completing the determination of user permissions to determine the function of accessing different information, providing interfaces to access the database layer, etc

when writing the program code to realize business data access, the system adopts the MVC design idea mode to divide the program modules into Dao (including the method of performing database addition, deletion, modification and query), maps (including the

relationship of all tables and models of the entire database, mainly including J in SQL language), model (including the model of all tables), and the calling module app of public classes_ Code and basic.Confi9 configuration

(4) data layer. The data layer provides an external access interface for data sources, provides data storage maintenance tasks, and uses sqlmapper to query, update, and delete SQL server databases. And put the obtained data in the dataset and return it to the presentation layer. The cost of the new material car is several times that of the existing car

this function adopts MVC design structure to separate the function module, business control module and data operation module. The coordination and coupling between various parts are small, and the system architecture is clearer. The business logic is divided into application logic and business logic. The application logic is responsible for the user's request, and the business logic is responsible for the operation with the database server. This division makes the business data processing more freely, shortens the development cycle, improves the development quality, and improves the reusability of the system

mvc is a widely popular software design pattern at present, and it is also an advanced design idea for web application development. Based on the multi tier web architecture of MVC, the model in the business layer is further studied. An optimized hierarchical model is designed, the design idea and implementation technology of the hierarchical model are described in detail, and the specific application of the hierarchical model is illustrated by an example. It can be found that the optimized hierarchical model scheme increases the reusability of the model part, reduces the coupling degree between layers, and makes the system more maintainable, extensible and portable

student affairs management is an important part of the management of college counselors. This paper discusses the design and development of student affairs management system based on the work of college counselors. It uses.Net technology and sqlserver 2000 as the database for storing data, and makes full use of the advantages of MVC three-tier architecture design mode to optimize the structure of the system in the process of design and implementation

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