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Three time champions gathered in Yuxi Shandong temporary good driver club to hold a Yunnan fellowship. Three time champions gathered in Yuxi Shandong temporary good driver club to hold a Yunnan fellowship. Yunnan is located in the ancient Southern Silk Road, with unique regional advantages facing "Sanya" and shouldering "two oceans". It is an important province in the construction of the "the Belt and Road"

adhering to the tenet of public welfare, practicing the concept of "caring and endless", and implementing the care for the front-line mechanical operators in Yunnan Province, on August 12, 2017, the Yunnan fellowship of Shandong Lingong good driver club was held in Yuxi. Wangcongli, deputy general manager of Southwest war zone of Shandong Lingong Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., sunning, regional manager of Yunnan Province, and Tanping, general manager of Yuxi Zhongxin large mechanical equipment repair Co., Ltd., participated in the fellowship activities

the Yunnan fellowship of Shandong temporary good driver club was held.

in Yuxi region, which has a deep user base, the three champions, two runners up and many aircraft friends of Shandong temporary good driver activity gathered together. The three champions of Shandong Lingong good driver training camp are lijianrong, the champion of excavation unit in 2016, xuyongbo, the champion of loading unit in 2016, and Wang Xiang, the champion of loading unit in 2015; The two runners up were yangzhiqiang, the second runner up in the loading unit of 2016 good driver training camp, and dongwenhuan, the second runner up in the loading unit of Honghe station of 2017 Shandong Lingong good driver training camp

Tanping, general manager of Yuxi Zhongxin, raised a glass with the three Champions

"no one can succeed casually!" Tanping, general manager of Yuxi Zhongxin, who started from the sales of construction machinery parts, has been engaged in the construction machinery industry for 24 years and has been selling temporary products for 12 years. She is approachable. When she spoke at the fraternity, she said emotionally: "users' friends coming to Zhongxin are like going home. Users are our brothers and sisters!" This remark was immediately recognized by the users present. Founded in 2003, Yuxi Zhongxin is a first-class dealer and 4S flagship store of Shandong Lingong Yunnan. It is currently responsible for sales in Yuxi, Lincang, Pu'er, Jinghong, Casa and other regions. Adhere to the operation strategy of "stabilizing sales, focusing on service, and driving sales with the market after service", so as to make the market share of temporary work products in the leading position

president Tan of Yuxi Zhongxin described the relationship between Yuxi Zhongxin and Shandong Lingong and between Yuxi Zhongxin and users with "lips and teeth". She said: "we exchange our hearts and move users with sincerity. We are grateful to Lingong, employees and users! It is our sincerity that has won the stable development of the company and the stable and lasting customer relationship."

good drivers talk about making friends with temporary workers

lijianrong, who participated in this fraternity, was the champion of digging units in 2016 good driver training camp. This time, he once again participated in Honghe station of 2017 Shandong temporary good driver training camp, and once again won the first place in loading units. Lijianrong, who is currently in charge of mine operation and equipment management, is still full of praise when talking about temporary products, He said: "We are one of the first users to use Shandong Lingong loaders. The products of Lingong are used very frequently in our stone mines. Our mine is located in a good location and provides sand and stone materials for the construction of such engineering projects as Yu Mo high speed railway, Mo Lin Expressway and Lincang airport. With the continuous expansion of business, the use frequency of engineering equipment is also very high. It is under such working conditions and high-frequency working conditions that the temporary loaders are completely Competent. "

talking about Shandong Lingong good driver training camp, Lijianrong sighed: "After attending the 2016 good driver training camp, through the platform of the good driver club, I was able to get to know friends from all over the country. We often communicate and exchange what we need; in addition, as temporary users, the loaders in the sand and gravel factory work for more than 20 hours in three shifts a day and about 25 days a month, but the temporary products are basically free of faults; and the standardized management of our mines should be strengthened The drivers of engineering equipment must have certificates, and the good driver activity also provides a national operation certificate, which is really timely. "

lijianrong (second from the left), a loyal user of Shandong temporary workers and a member of the good driver club

Wang Xiang, an aircraft friend from Yuxi Jiangchuan, is the loading unit champion of the good driver training camp in 2015, He said: "I have gained a lot from participating in the good driver training camp, which can not only improve my driving skills and exercise my ability, but also make a lot of friends through the platform of the good driver club. After participating in the training camp, I resigned from driving a loader in the enterprise. I also bought a loader and became a boss. I thank Shandong Lingong good driver activity, which has made my life richer."

xuyongbo, the loading unit champion of Shandong Lingong good driver training camp in 2016, is from Huixi iron and steel. He said: "since 2007, the company has purchased and used 24 temporary equipment, mainly loaders. From 953 to the present 955f, temporary loaders have beautiful appearance, spacious cab, broad vision, energy conservation and environmental protection. In 2016, the company purchased 7 955f loaders at one time at my suggestion."

user xueyuming is the first local user to purchase temporary 360 excavators. He also owns 8 temporary loaders. He has been associated with temporary workers for more than ten years. Temporary workers' products have made him handy in mine operation and mining. He said: "he has several generations of temporary workers' products. Temporary workers' loading power is large, efficiency is high, and fuel is saved. Every year, I save a lot of costs. The product is highly reliable and after-sales service is in place."

2016 yangzhiqiang, the second loader in Shandong Lingong good driver training camp, came to the fraternity after he was notified and left work at 4pm. He came from Yuanjiang Yongfa Cement Co., Ltd. as the team leader, he was responsible for the management of the company's 9 loading machines, 9 excavators and more than 20 drivers. He said: "bringing the company's drivers to participate in the good driver training camp in 2016 has greatly improved the driving skills, safety awareness and standardized operation of the pilots and I. thank you very much for the good driver club."

limingyan from the iron mine, who has many years of experience in loader management, also organized four operators to participate in the Honghe station of the 2017 Shandong temporary good driver training camp, which not only trained the driver team, but also expressed the hope that the temporary good driver training camp would be held in Yunnan again

the gratitude feedback standard stipulates that the size is 3040cm. Yunnan customer

Yunnan and Shandong have a good driver activity. In 2013, Kunming Station was set up for the first activity, Kunming training camp was held again in 2015, Xishuangbanna training camp was held in 2016, and Yunnan came to Honghe Prefecture in 2017, making Yunnan the only provincial region in China that has held four good driver activities. So far, the good driver activity has covered the whole territory of Yunnan, providing a rare learning opportunity for the engineering machinery operators in the province. Nearly a thousand robot operators participated in the good driver activity, providing the best communication platform for the owners and users of the engineering machinery in Yunnan. At the same time, it also reflects Shandong Lingong's attention to the Yunnan market and its gratitude and feedback to the vast number of Yunnan customers

members of Shandong Lingong good driver club took a group photo as a souvenir

this year is the 45th Anniversary of the founding of Shandong Lingong. The good driver activity focuses on a new round of customer care actions, focusing on the three directions of "giving back to loyal customers", "promoting entrepreneurship and wealth creation" and "sharing development experience", and strives to implement the concept of "caring and endless"

the "good driver club" of Shandong temporary workers is committed to creating a communication platform for users and practitioners in the construction machinery industry to learn, train, exchange and help each other because the system automatically stores in binary files and standard access database format. It is also an important channel for Shandong temporary workers to repay the society and customers. On february26,2014, after the "good driver club" was officially established, which integrates guomingyi's loving Team Shandong temporary work team and the last session of Chinese good driver students, over the past few years, with the organization and support of Shandong temporary work, the "good driver club" has developed actively and healthily, with 10000 members, and has become an excellent social organization in China to help the grass-roots Chinese dream and continuously transmit positive energy

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