The hottest three-phase 15kw diesel generator

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Three phase 15kw diesel generator

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product quality assurance: life-long quality assurance and life-long protection!

reason for recommendation: large and easy to use, low fuel consumption, economical and practical, easy to carry, affordable, and the best choice for emergency equipment!

special statement: the manufacturer has the lowest direct selling price. Under normal circumstances, all products are in stock, and can be delivered on the same day when the payment arrives!

danieze is the core competitiveness of an enterprise. The power diesel generator set is imported with original packaging Engine, three-phase 15kw diesel generator_ The export diesel generator is deeply loved by customers all over the world because of its reliable function, weak horsepower, green environmental protection and humanized Enron design. Danizawa power has been working hard to reduce the fuel consumption and emissions of diesel engines. It dominates the world with low fuel consumption, low emission and low noise, surveys and calls it a model of frugal power and sheltering environment, and tries to minimize each machine and its operating cost. Machinery is widely used in national defense, aviation, vehicles, ships, engineering machinery and generator sets, and is recognized by the world for its small size, light weight, strong ability to resist sudden load, low noise, economy and reliability

1 Large layout, light volume, no vulnerable components, life-long protection Power press

2. No heating components, low temperature rise, no energy consumption. Dosage terminal wave low heat 3

3 The voltage waveform is good. The waveform distortion rate is less than 5% under no-load and less than 3% under load. The quality has low waveform heat. It can be used in compact electric field with high power quality requirements

4. Rational load ability is strong. Being able to drag is the rational load of its own capacity

after sales warranty commitment

1 If there is a production and quality performance within seven days after shipment, it cannot be repaired. In addition to the simple operation of drop hammer and impact hammer replacement, the customer can change the new product without preconditions

2. If there are quality results within three months of sales, in addition to the quality results that the customer has not only made use of, if the customer can repair by himself, the manufacturer will stop changing the parts required by sending the charge. If he cannot repair by himself, he can send them back to the manufacturer for repair

3. In the process of utilization, the customer shall strictly follow the provisions of the statement for accurate utilization and maintenance. Within three months, if it belongs to production and quality performance, all accessories and maintenance costs shall be undertaken by the manufacturer; If it is due to improper use, or exceeds three months, the customer only needs to be responsible for the cost of accessories and mailing. Thus, the distance between the two wheels on the front axle is relative to ensure that you have no worries about the future

4. The company sells all machinery, charges for debugging and trains its operators to use

5. The machinery sold shall be entitled to one year's charged maintenance and repair service from the date of sale (excluding normal consumable parts)

6. After the warranty period, durable supply of spare parts and maintenance services

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