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Chinese Academy of Sciences successfully developed ultra-high speed terahertz array imaging chip

high speed imaging technology is one of the important research directions in the application field of terahertz (THz) technology. It has important application value in material analysis, high-energy physical process analysis, biomedical imaging, human security inspection and so on. However, due to the lack of low temperature matching readout circuit, the design of fast response photon focal plane array detector is very difficult, which leads to the slow progress of THz high-speed and real-time imaging technology

in order to solve this problem, the research team led by caojuncheng, a researcher at Shanghai Institute of microsystems and information technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, used molecular beam epitaxy technology. DSM also increased the biological content of its arnitel eco bio based high-performance polyamide (pa410) to 73%. By stacking and growing THz quantum well detectors (thzqwp) and light-emitting diodes (LED), it prepared THz frequency up conversion imaging chips that can image without pixels. The peak detection frequency of the chip is 5.2 THz, and the equivalent noise power is 5.2pw? Hz0.5, equivalent imaging pixel is 240 × 240。 At present, the joint imaging experiment of the chip and THz quantum cascade laser (assembly of small angle installation of thzqcl) has been completed. The food safety law has been strictly implemented to realize the real-time imaging of diffraction fringes in the order of tens of microns of thzqcl spot (as shown in Figure 2), and the single frame high-speed imaging of THz QCL spot has been completed within 500 ns (equivalent to the imaging speed of 2 million frames/s). Relevant research results were published in scientific reports 6, 25383, 2016

the successful development of the above imaging chip is an important development of THz high-speed imaging technology, which is of great significance to the development of high-speed, high-energy physical processes, material analysis, biomedical imaging and other technologies in this frequency band

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