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The Chinese Academy of Sciences supports the development of instrument and meter industry clusters in Liaoning. Liaoning (Dandong) instrument and meter industry base is a provincial-level key industrial base in Liaoning, which was established in April 2009. Shenyang branch actively participated in the construction of the base, which can also be seen as a short process of energy transmission from the outside to a structural system, and jointly built "Dandong instrument intelligent technology research and development and service platform of Shenyang Branch of Chinese Academy of Sciences" with the base

1 on the one hand, the closure of a large number of level 3 carton factories has led to the transfer of orders to level 2 carton factories

Chinese Academy of Sciences gives full play to its technical advantages in this field, combines its own advantages of the platform, and focuses on Dandong instrument industry base and industry needs to carry out comprehensive services such as instrument core technology research and development, fruit transformation, industrial services, talent training, etc

the Chinese Academy of Sciences has always provided strong intellectual support for local economic development. Liaoning Province is one of the key areas of CAS local cooperation

once, Liaoning Province had many well-known enterprises in the fields of equipment manufacturing, petrochemical, metallurgy and so on, but the upstream and downstream industries related to these enterprises were mostly enterprises from other provinces. Now, in the revitalization period of the old industrial base in Northeast China, Liaoning Province has played a "trump card" in the development of industrial clusters for the plastic packaging market

Liaoning provincial Party committee and government attach great importance to, cultivate and expand regional characteristic industrial clusters. At the end of the 11th five year plan, Liaoning Province began to layout industrial clusters and carry out the construction of industrial clusters

from the strategic height of accelerating the transformation of economic development mode, promoting the adjustment and upgrading of industrial structure, and achieving comprehensive revitalization, Liaoning Province has made a major decision to vigorously develop industrial clusters, trying to make industrial clusters the explosive point of Liaoning's "12th Five Year Plan" development

at present, Liaoning industrial clusters have entered the golden period of rapid development, become the top priority of industrial development in 14 cities, and carry the important historical mission of revitalizing Liaoning's old industrial base. So far, there are 100 characteristic industrial clusters in the province

with the rapid development of industrial clusters, Liaoning has increasingly urgent needs for R & D capabilities, public testing service platforms, talent construction and other aspects

with the support of governments at all levels in Liaoning Province, aiming at the needs of industrial cluster construction, Shenyang Branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has given full play to its own advantages to carry out relevant cooperation in terms of R & D strength, scientific research achievements and public service. The British Armstrong invented the heavy hammer accumulator and the construction of a variety of hydraulic machinery and hydraulic component service platforms, so as to support the healthy and sustainable development of Liaoning industrial clusters

the development of the national Liaoning (Benxi) biomedical science and technology industry base has received much attention and support. The Shenyang Branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences attaches great importance to the construction of the public testing service platform of the base, and has consulted with relevant departments for many times and signed a cooperation agreement on the "public technical service platform for large instruments in the pharmaceutical capital of China"

Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences sent a team of nearly 40 people to support the operation of the platform. In May, 2011, the platform was officially put into use, becoming an important supporting force for the park to attract investment, and has provided 1557 testing services for the park

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