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On March 17, Zhao Jun, Chinese ambassador to Israel, made a simple operation; Mr. Fan Xiaoning, vice president of Yanxiang group, was given a banquet at his official residence

as an outstanding representative of domestic high-tech enterprises entering Israel, fan Xiaoning made a detailed report on its overseas strategy and progress, and pointed out that at the Israeli high-tech exhibition just held, Yanxiang group, as a Chinese enterprise participating in the exhibition for the first time, with its high-profile and heroic attitude and global technology leading products, has extremely displayed the brand image of Chinese private high-tech enterprises

Ambassador Zhao Jun expressed his appreciation and support for Yanxiang people's confidence and determination to enter overseas. With regard to the historical mission of revitalizing national high technology carried by Yanxiang, Ambassador Zhao Jun gave Yanxiang great expectations that it was less affected by the fixed extension stress (generally neglected), and expressed his willingness to make every effort to introduce Yanxiang to the high-level government of Israel and help its development in Israel. The next time fan Xiaoning visits Israel again, he is expected to make an appointment with the Israeli President

finally, Ambassador Zhao Jun said that he had worked in European institutions abroad for many years. If Yanxiang needed assistance in these overseas regions, he could introduce Yanxiang to ambassadors of other European countries in order to get more support

about Yanxiang group

Yanxiang group was established in Shenzhen, China in 1993, and is one of the world's leading embedded and industrial computer manufacturers. It was listed in Hong Kong in 2003, with the stock code of 8285

as a high-tech enterprise, Yanxiang group is committed to providing embedded products and system integration solutions with high reliability and stability for a variety of application solutions at the time of revision, such as banking, power, electronics, energy, environmental protection, games, instruments, manufacturing, medical treatment, aerospace, telecommunications, transportation systems and transportation industries. Yanxiang group has the largest embedded technology R & D center, the strongest R & D team and the largest manufacturing base in the IPC industry in the world, and has provided personalized solutions and reliable products for tens of thousands of users

Mr. Zhao Jun met with Mr. Fan Xiaoning, vice president of Yanxiang group at the embassy

Mr. Zhao Jun hosted a banquet for Mr. Fan Xiaoning, vice president of Yanxiang group at his official residence

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