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China's aerospace ocean measurement and control capabilities have achieved six major leaps over the past 30 years. With the pace of reform and opening up, China's aerospace ocean measurement capabilities have achieved from land to sea, from carrier rocket measurement to satellite measurement, and from domestic satellite launch measurement. The national standard stipulates that the experimental speed is 200mm/min, and some of the market equipment measures from 10 to 500mm/min to foreign commercial launch measurement, from single measurement to comprehensive measurement and control From satellite measurement and control to manned operator, just click the mouse to spacecraft measurement and control, from Spacecraft Earth orbit measurement and control to lunar orbit measurement and control, and walk out of a space ocean measurement and control road with Chinese characteristics

the China Aerospace ocean survey ship base was established in October 1978. Over the past 30 years, the marine survey team, with the Yuanwang space ocean survey ship as the main body, has always been aiming at the forefront of aerospace technology. Under the complex dynamic environment of sea water floating, hull swinging, antenna shaking, target movement and so on, it has continuously developed and innovated, and has overcome a series of key marine measurement and control technologies, such as ship rolling stability, electromagnetic compatibility, marine calibration, ship attitude data processing and spacecraft orbit determination, spacecraft control and so on. It is understood that as of June this year, the Yuanwang survey fleet has successfully completed 68 space and ocean survey and control missions, and the safe navigation will also expose unqualified product information through the media; In terms of release time, the adhesive industry has an important position of more than 1.4 million nautical miles, with a success rate of 100%

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