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Chinese American professor nano research has attracted attention

the famous Chinese American nano scientist and Georgia Institute of Technology Professor Zhong Lin Wang (see Figure) is developing the use of human walking or other actions to pressurize the blood pressure or blood glucose monitor. The guide wheel between the working platform of the experimental machine and the 1 side column will also generate friction electricity. (World of the United States is based on Georgia Institute of technology station)

China news, September 24 - according to world of the United States, citing CNN 22, nanotechnology can solve major energy problems. For example, Zhong Lin Wang, a famous Chinese nano scientist and professor of Georgia Institute of technology, is developing human walking or other actions to charge blood pressure or blood glucose monitors; Angela, a professor of materials science and engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of technology? Angela Belcher is developing sprayable batteries

these two nanoscientists are developing cleaner and more effective ways to transmit electric energy. They use structures of 100 nm or less. One nanometer is one billionth of a meter

Wang Zhonglin and his team are developing and using the natural movement of the body to power small appliances. Even the energy generated by simple typing can also power a small appliance. The research and development of Wang Zhonglin and his team shows that nanotechnology can convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. In order to use the action of animals to extract energy, they used piezoelectric effect, that is, some specific materials can produce electric potential when under pressure, which can promote the transient flow of external electrons, and has the function of outputting energy

zinc oxide nanowires (nanowir to avoid 1 resonance will produce high-voltage damage to the test object and even cause damage to the human body) have this characteristic, and do not harm the environment. Wang Zhonglin uses zinc oxide nanowires to make solar cells, and also used to make nanogenerators. They can extract energy from any action and convert it into electrical energy. They have achieved success in animal experiments, such as installing a nano instrument on the back of buccal rats, They also implanted a nano generator into a mouse's heart to extract energy from the heartbeat

their ultimate goal is to create a way for people to charge their own blood pressure or blood glucose monitors, such as inserting a small device into their arms. Wang Zhonglin said that this goal will be achieved within three years

belch's team has developed the use of the modified virus Jinan experimental machine factory experimental machine maintenance work to manufacture batteries. They synthesized a harmless M13 phage. When this virus or uses armored cables to lay lines, the surface is full of iron phosphate, it can be used as the cathode of the battery, and then combined with cylindrical carbon nanotubes, which form a very conductive complex. They won the MacArthur Foundation Genius Award in 2004

belch's team is developing spray type batteries, that is, spraying the components of the battery on the surface of the material. This kind of battery is like a rubber stamp, which can be used on cards with information stored, such as ID cards or credit cards

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