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China's agricultural machinery industry upgrading Hongyu agricultural machinery IPO coincides with the time

the country puts agriculture in the first place in the development of the national economy, but as the key means of production of agriculture - agricultural machinery, China is not a powerful country, and the use of agricultural machinery is still dominated by low-tech low horsepower agricultural machinery, which is compared with the international in terms of high horsepower agricultural machinery (more than 100 horsepower), whether in technology Increased by 6.3% (Q3 2013: 1.27 euros) production services, or there is a large gap in demand

in recent years, the state has successively issued a series of policies for all DuPont Zytel polymers and blends, with an increase of US $0.3 per kilogram, supporting the agricultural machinery industry to upgrade to large-scale, intelligent and systematic development, providing subsidies for the purchase and scrapping of agricultural machinery, and encouraging the upgrading of small horsepower agricultural machinery to high horsepower agricultural machinery due to its direct impact on the two pain points of the development of the new energy vehicle industry: endurance mileage and battery fast charging, Introducing top multinational companies into China to build production bases, bringing high-power agricultural machinery technology, promoting the development of complete machines and supporting industries, and benign competition promoting market prosperity. Considering the potential business opportunities of global exports in the future, the development of China's agricultural machinery industry is now converging into a historic opportunity - China will become the world's advanced high-power agricultural machinery and supporting manufacturing country

with its rich industry experience, high-quality customer resources, reliable product quality, advanced R & D and production technology, high industry popularity and stable talent team and other competitive advantages, Hongyu agricultural machinery company has developed into a leading hydraulic elevator provider of high-power agricultural machinery in China, and was awarded the title of "China's agricultural machinery parts leader" by China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association in August 2016

on August 2, 2017, Shandong Hongyu Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd. was listed on the IPO market. At the right time, the listing will provide a larger platform and vision, and the future development prospect has attracted great attention of the industry

continuous innovation through independent research and development

Hongyu agricultural machinery focuses on the R & D and production of tractor hydraulic elevators. It has a large number of professional and technical talents and quality control talents with excellent design. It is a provincial enterprise technology center in Shandong Province. It invests a lot of money every year to build a distinctive independent innovation R & D system, stimulate the enthusiasm of scientific researchers, and promote products to be further high-tech, intelligent High value-added direction. The company drafted industrial standards such as technical conditions of tractor hydraulic lifter, technical conditions of agricultural tractor hydraulic suspension system and test methods of agricultural tractor hydraulic suspension system, developed and designed products of more than 500 specifications and models, and has 25 patents, including 3 invention patents

serve customers with market orientation

before becoming a supplier of the main engine factory, the company has undergone strict assessment and certification of product quality and performance to ensure that the performance of products meets the requirements of customers. As a leading spare parts enterprise, the company has the ability to develop synchronously with the OEM, and has a close cooperative relationship with customers. After the cooperative relationship is determined, in order to ensure the stability of tractor product quality, the main engine factory will not easily change the supplier, so the customer cooperation is very long

Hongyu agricultural machinery introduced advanced equipment, developed personalized products for customers, continuously developed high-quality new products, and arranged special personnel to provide after-sales service to key customers to ensure maximum customer satisfaction, which was widely recognized by customers

at present, Hongyu agricultural machinery has won the top four domestic brands including Yituo, Renault and John Deere, as well as eight customers in the top ten. In the future, with the technology and equipment upgrading brought by the listing, I believe we will get more customer cooperation and have a bright market prospect

win the first opportunity with product advantages

the development of high-power agricultural machinery in China has just started, and the sales growth is higher than the industry average. As a leading supplier of hydraulic elevators in China, Hongyu Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd. customizes elevators with various horsepower sections and specifications for downstream main engine plants, including nearly 200 models of high horsepower elevators and about 300 models of medium horsepower elevators. The product specifications are complete and the scale is in the leading position in the industry. Relying on perfect quality control, the company can meet the diversified and reliable requirements of various tractor manufacturers for elevator products. While fully serving customers, it has won the first opportunity for the development of agricultural machinery, and achieved a new growth point in the market and profits

the funds raised by Hongyu agricultural machinery in this listing will be used for the fine production and construction project of High-power Tractor Hydraulic lifting device, which will further enhance the scientific and technological competitiveness and market share of the company's high-power tractor hydraulic lifting device, promote the development of the overall level of the domestic agricultural machinery industry, and create greater profits and returns for the company's shareholders

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