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Another major breakthrough of the Chinese Academy of Sciences! The successful launch of new graphene materials has amazed western countries

now the competition among countries in the world is no longer limited to military weapons and economic interests, and scientific and technological innovation has also become an important indicator to measure a country's comprehensive level. In this regard, China has also been investing in the lithium ion cathode material project in Shehong County, which has attracted much attention and has always kept pace with the times. Recently, the Chinese Academy of Sciences has received good news, which is another major breakthrough, Western countries are also amazed at the successful advent of new graphene materials

the full name of the new graphene material developed by the Chinese Academy of Sciences this time is called silicon graphene germanium transistor. This graphene is a vertical structure with Schottky junction as the emission junction, which can shorten the delay time of graphene based transistor by more than 1000 times. This superior performance has made a great contribution to the realization of ultra-high speed transistors in the future. At present, only China has its research and development technology for this new graphene, Although many developed countries such as Europe and the United States have tried many times in this regard, and even started research and development much earlier than China, they have failed to make further progress after the discovery of graphene stripping technology. Therefore, China's first breakthrough in this field has also surprised western countries

graphene has actually been applied in many aspects in our life. The most common one is our mobile equipment 90, 180 stripping fixtures and other equipment. As we all know, China is a large manufacturing country and has the world's largest sales market. However, the core part of such intelligent equipment, that is, chips, cannot be developed on a large scale according to the current technical level of an activity launched by the U.S. Department of energy, Therefore, China has been relying on importing chips from the United States to solve this problem. Now there is a new graphene material. One of its characteristics of efficient operation can be said to have brought great advantages for China to overcome the problem of chip technology experiment failure to a certain extent. Graphene related technologies have always attracted much attention from the outside world. In that year, two British scientists first discovered a simple way to separate and extract graphene, which led more and more scientists to start the technical research on the separation of graphene

graphene itself exists in nature, but it is difficult to find single-layer graphene. It is said that there are almost 3million layers of graphene in only 1mm of graphite, and the difficulty of its separation technology can be imagined. After hundreds of attempts, two British scientists came across a simple separation method. They first stripped graphite sheets from highly oriented pyrolytic graphite. This highly oriented pyrolytic graphite, as the name suggests, is infinitely close to single crystal graphite after high temperature treatment, which is more conducive to saving the time of separating graphene from it. The stripped graphite sheets are pasted on a specific tape, After a certain period of time, the graphite sheet can be split in two by tearing off the tape, and then repeat the previous steps, and finally a single-layer graphite sheet, that is, graphene, can be obtained

inspired by this method, these two British scientists further discovered the micromechanical stripping method, and therefore won the Nobel Prize in physics. Although the previous separation method was simple, there was a prerequisite that graphite must be treated at high temperature in a high temperature environment. The micromechanical stripping method can effectively overcome this shortcoming and break people's cognition, Most physicists believe that crystals with two-dimensional structure cannot exist at finite temperature unless it is absolutely zero. However, graphene successfully obtained by micro mechanical stripping method has proved that as long as the method is correct, crystals with two-dimensional structure can exist without the limitation of temperature conditions, which is also one of the important reasons for its discoverer to win the Nobel Prize in physics

this time, the successful launch of the new graphene material developed by the Chinese Academy of Sciences not only surprised western countries, but also made all countries in the world see the great potential contained in China. Previously, China was rejected from the United States for aircraft carrier technology, and finally independently developed an aircraft carrier with its own efforts. Now, China has once again become the first country in the world to have a new graphene with the wisdom of the Chinese people, All these achievements are enough to prove that China's future is unlimited

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