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Recently, the intelligent measurement and control technology and application team of the Institute of advanced manufacturing technology affiliated to the Ningbo Institute of materials technology and engineering of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has made important progress in high-pressure fluid measurement and injection equipment, and successfully developed a high-pressure fluid (foaming) measurement and injection system

foaming technology is mainly through physical injection or chemical reaction to fill the plastic with gas, and finally form foaming. Physical foaming has higher application value because of its relatively low cost and no pollution. In the process of physical foaming, the key technology of micro swing rack cell foaming is the quantitative and uniform injection of gas and easy dissolution. The size of gas injection and the degree of dissolution directly lead to the size and distribution density of bubbles in the foamed products, and the size and distribution density of bubbles directly affect the final quality of products

at present, there is no finished supercritical fluid injection equipment in China, and the cost of imported equipment is very high. The lack of key equipment directly limits the application of supercritical physical microcellular foaming technology. Therefore, it is urgent to develop a set of constant pressure and constant flow injection system that can realize supercritical fluid to meet the demand

based on the demand analysis of fluid pressurization and measurement, the intelligent measurement and control technology and application team uses compressed air as the power, and adopts the method of double pump series and sectional control to pre pressurize and pressurize the gas. By controlling the pressure attenuation in the specific container of the fluid and the starting frequency of the booster pump, the flow of the metered fluid is comprehensively analyzed. After several modifications and tests, a high-pressure fluid metering and injection system with independent intellectual property rights and a cost far lower than that of similar foreign products was finally developed

at present, the injection system pressure can reach 30m "process integration and automation are the prerequisites to meet the unit cost requirements of the high-yield automotive industry PA, pressure accuracy: +/-0.1mpa. Flow range: (0.5ml-8ml)/Min, has applied for 4 national patent protection

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